Thursday, July 16, 2015


For those of you who still remember me, thank you and welcome back to the blog!

You know, I didn't intend for a year and a half to be my hiatus, but it was!  Crazy how that happens.  I apologize for dropping out of blog-land without took over (in many good ways!) and I hope you all are doing well.  I have had quite the me, a lot can happen in a year, as they say!  And this is what I've been up to....

Hubs and I did some redecorating last winter/spring: 

   The cabinets used to be maple and the walls used to be cinnamon!

We took a trip down south to Atlanta, Savannah and Charleston last May, 2014.  Part work trip/part vacation and it was one of our best trips ever!  I highly recommend going there.  It was also the catalyst event for what's to come...

    The room where Margaret Mitchell wrote "Gone With the Wind" in Atlanta

    Aunt Pitty Pat's Restaurant, Atlanta

    Mercer House, Savannah

    Forsyth Park, Savannah

    Driveway to Boone Plantation, outside Charleston

     Someone's gorgeous yard in Charleston

Pinepple Fountain, Charleston

The summer went by and then last September we found out we were expecting our first child in spring 2015!

We saw Fleetwood Mac (the Classic 5!) in concert in November 2014.  So good.  They rocked that one!

A week or so later, Hubs was on his way to San Francisco, but I stayed home because I was still in my first trimester and was a little iffy about flying.  Otherwise, I would have went with him! 

The winter was cold and uneventful.  Meh. Let's skip to Spring 2015!

Easter bump, April 2015!

Also in April, we found out that Hubs was offered a two year position in Washington, D.C. with his work!  Of course Hubs accepted it.  We'd be fools to turn it down!  (Can't reveal details here but it's a fantastic opportunity....big-time!!)

Our little son, S, was born in May 2015!   (One day after Princess Charlotte!)

He is such a delight.  He definitely has some of his Mama's and Papa's traits for sure...and we're keeping his info private for now.  But he's got a good strong name...something that would sound official if he was ever a Mr. Supreme Court Justice one day!  :)

So now it's July 2015 and we're getting our house ready for the move!  (With a 2 month old!)  Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.  But in the wise words of Donald Miller, what would make the better story? 

....and so my story continues!  We have two weeks left here in Saskatchewan!  Surreal.  Hubs will go to D.C. at the end of July, as we get possession of our new place in Virginia in early August.  S and I will be staying with my parents for a week or two until our furniture arrives in Virginia, then Hubs will fly back here and then we will all fly out to DC together the next day, probably mid-August.  We are very excited about this new chapter in our lives! 

PS.  Ben F seems to like my new specs...he's always amused!


  1. You definitely had a busy and fun time off. Welcome back. Congratulations too on the birth of your son. Babies are a joy!

  2. Welcome back! Your son is gorgeous! Congratulations to you and your husband on the new addition to your family. You have so much going on right now. Wow! I hope all goes well with your move. I think DC would be an interesting place to live. I will be looking forward to reading your impressions of the place. Do you know the blog Capitol Hill Style? It's pretty good, I like Belle's take on what different ladies would wear depending on where they fit into the DC power structure! I hope you are getting some sleep. Enjoy your baby son! xx

  3. Welcome back! Your son is beautiful! And trading Saskatchewan winters for DC seems a no brainer - how exciting! Looking forward to hearing more adventures and seeing your beautiful face!

  4. Wow what a year and I am so happy for you, congratulations on the the birth of your adorable son. This next two years is going to be such an adventure for you, we love Washington DC and funny too we were just discussing a little trip there during the next year. There's so much to do and see there.
    I hope the packing up and the move goes well, it sounds like you have a great plan, organization is half of it to be sure. xo

  5. Good to hear great news! Enjoy all that is happening!

  6. Welcome back! that little boy looks delicious and what a change DC will be, And what fun, once you're settled in! Looking forward to hearing about more adventures, too.

  7. Congratulations on the birth of you beautiful baby. It sounds like a most memorable year with travels and now more travelling and how wonderful it will be to spend time living in D.C I wish you joy and success.
    I hope you continue to blog

  8. How wonderful for you. Your little boy is beautiful .
    I am so happy to see you back again. I hope you continue.
    All the very best.

  9. Welcome back and congratulations on the new addition to the family! Plus a move to Washington DC, how exciting! Wishing you all the best and looking forward to hearing more about your journey.

  10. How did I miss this post? So glad you are back writing. Your little guy is so precious. Love that photo of you! Keep sharing about your adventures. I always like your point of view and love of life! Best wishes on this exciting adventure !! xo Kim

  11. Thank you for sharing the amazing photos of your journey. Congratulations for your family and best wishes for your baby.

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  12. Congratulations on the birth of your son. You have been - and will be - very busy! I love the Deep South and have been to Aunt Pitty Pats. Spanish moss is just so romantic... Have never seen Fleetwood Mac live but was fascinated by Stevie Nicks for a few years. Hope you enjoy DC. Not sure it's a place I'd like to live but I've only been once. First husband had cousins who lived in McLean, Va in just about the most luxurious condo I'd ever seen. Made me aware of how disadvantaged I'd been growing up. Reminds me now how far I've come (but I'll never live in a place that gorgeous!). Take care and try to write when you can. I've struggled to keep my blog going, but I'm not giving up yet!

  13. Hope you and family are doing well. It's been a long while.

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