Thursday, October 31, 2013

Back from NYC!

Hey everyone!

Hubs and I are back from our northeastern US vacation, we had a magnificent time.  As my sister says, "a place should always leave you wanting more..." and she is so right.

I will post vacation photos soon, however I wanted to let you know that Hubs and I went to a Bethenny taping on Monday which is airing tomorrow (well I guess I should clarify that I dragged Hubs to the  Now....if you are in Canada, and you get the show on the E Channel, the show might air on Monday, I've noticed we get her shows a day later than in the US.  Nonetheless, if you watch her show, you may spot us in the background.  (Oh yes, I should mention that I'm mostly blonde now.  I had been mostly every hair colour in NYC except blonde, so I decided to go for it again!)

The taping was really fun.  Lots of waiting around beforehand and the weather was "breezy" (chilly) outside, but once we were in the studio, things happened quite quickly.  We couldn't take photos/videos during the taping nor talk much about the taping, however I will say that:

1.  The studio sets are very tiny.  The producers make the studio seem huge on TV.   And it was freezing in the studio.
2.  Bethenny is super thin.  Really thin.  But she looked good, not gaunt.
3.  Bethenny has quick wit and quick responses.  You can tell she is driven and she had the crowd laughing at some of her responses to theaudience questions and to the guests. 
4.  The celebrity guests were Rosie Perez, Sam Talbot, a couple speaking about relationships and a 4 year old who tap-danced her own thing at a dance recital and the Youtube video went viral.  She was pretty cute.
5.  The taping was about an hour and a half long, give or take, which is a little longer than what is shown on TV.  And the show taped the segments in sequence as to how it appears on the program.

                             We were on this side

We met one of her celebrity guests after the show, Sam Talbot.  We were at Starbucks, scarfing down a badly-needed coffee and a cheese Danish when I spotted him walking down the street.  We caught up with him (literally running down the street, this guy walks FAST), he autographed our cookbooks (which were our gifts from the show) and posed for a photo.  Chatted with us for at least 10 minutes.  Really nice guy.  For those of you who watch Anna & Kristina's Grocery Bag, he was a guest judge on an episode awhile back (when we told him we were from Canada, he mentioned being on their show, he said that he just did another taping with them and loves Vancouver).  He was on an earlier season of Top Chef as well.

Please excuse my windblown hair.

Fun experience!  More stories & photos to come.



  1. What wonderful memories you will have of this trip to NYC.
    You photograph very well


  2. Hi LR, welcome back! You look beautiful in the photos, love the blond on you! Being in a TV audience sounds like so much fun. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip!

  3. So glad you had fun! We saw a taping of David Letterman in 1989 - it was so fun! He was still in Rockefeller plaza then and you are right - studios are so much smaller! So glad you had fun!

  4. Bethenny is crazy, but I'd have happily sat in the audience for that! Looking forward to hearing what else you got up to.

  5. So glad you had a good time! You look so happy in your photos which is also nice to see.

  6. that colour really suits you - in fact it looks natural.

  7. Lovely to hear from you over at my blog! I've not just fallen behind with writing, I've fallen way behind with reading... just scanning through here it looks like a whole lot has been going on in your life, positive and not. Life is like that, isn't it? I sort of think one of the side effects of blogging is that I re-live and focus better on what happened, looking through photos and doing research on odd facts. On the other hand, time spent doing that means less time for other things, equally and much more important. I want to keep blogging because it's a great way to journal and I love the contact with other people and their blogs. On the other hand, I've got so much done the last few weeks! No idea what 'balance' means, but I'm sure that's what I need to strive for! Take care of yourself, don't let stress chip away at you.

  8. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! (sorry for the late response!)

    Shelley - I've fallen behind with reading too -- both on the blogs and in real life. Hope to get back into a routine this winter. I really need to strive for balance too and, yes, curb the stress!

  9. Lacey, Very cool to get to do this. I do like the lighter hair on you. SO pretty!
    Happy weekend and sorry I'm so late catching up on all your fun.


    1. Thanks Dear! p.s. Your blog entries are showing up in my reader now, yay! Off to catch up.