Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Interlake Holiday

So this year was probably our nicest time at the cottage, it is my 10th summer there.  It's located in the Interlake area in Manitoba.  Every single day was hot and sunny (first time ever!), except for the day we drove home.  Had a good visit with the in-laws, watched quite a bit of tennis on TV, re-read The Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald) and The Right to Write (Julia Cameron), did some writing, vegged out.  Believe me, we are lucky to have a place to go in the summer. 

Together with tons of photos (you have been warned), our holiday included: 
80s music.

                             Appropriate listening while driving in ridiculous traffic

Lakefront views from the cottage.

The hibiscus plants were blooming. 

Spotted interesting lawn ornaments on the neighbour's yard.

A Point to Ponder:  One thing I'll never understand is why basically no one (except for us) takes their holidays at the beginning of July.  To me, it's the nicest time of year to go to the cottage!  During the week, there were hardly any cottage neighbours around....we enjoyed the peace and quiet. 

Birds and More Birds.  This oriole tweeted everyday outside our window.... at 6am.

Boats and More Boats.  We have walked on the Pier hundreds of times, but it never gets old.  Neither does exploring the marina and picking out our "one day" boat.

Deja-Vu Sighting:  There's even a Three's Company boat at the marina.

Sailboat Races.  We watched the Wednesday Night Sailboat Races, it was one of the loveliest and calmest evenings on our vacation.

Ordering Important Cocktails That No One Ever Orders Anymore.

We always go to the lounge at the lakefront hotel for drinks.   We particularly enjoyed the blue lagoons this year ... the bartender was so happy she got to make something other than beer & clam and mojitos.  So fresh, we went back to the hotel for another round one day.

Fine Dining.

We went to Whytewold Emporium (one of our favorite spots in the Interlake area) for crepes one afternoon.  We found this place 5 or 6 years ago while driving around the area (probably cottage-stalking for the Bradshaw's cottage from Falcon Beach!) and we've been coming back ever since.  Their pizzas are very good too.


Big Payoffs.

Went to Assiniboia Downs for dinner and to see the horse races one night.  Hubs and I won $15.00.  Big night!

Interesting Architecture Tours.

We came across this castle style house off the Perimeter (freeway) - kind of Howard Hughes-esque, don't you think?

Important Visiting.

Met up with my cousin S at the Captain Kennedy House, which is along the Red River.  It's a lovely place.  Had lunch at the Maple Grove Tea Room.

An A & W Wedding.  There was a wedding on the grounds that day.  The bride's colours were A & W colours (1970s dark brown and orange).  Cousin S loved it.  She had an A & W wedding too.

Garden Inspections. 

Prairie Sunsets.  Can't beat a prairie sunset.  Almost every night at approximately 9:40pm, I would walk on the beach and see the lovely sunset.

                                      The lake was so calm every evening.

                                        Look at that.

Adventures on the way home:

There's the old jail outside of Winnipeg.   If you are misbehaving, you'll be dropped off at GAOL ROAD! 

Sometimes I Insist On It:

I hauled home these three orchids from the Winnipeg Ikea on my lap for 6.5 hours in the car (including the plastic wrap).  Yah, that was fun.  I absolutely had to have them.

Meanwhile, at Christmas orchid re-bloomed!

And my lilies!

It's been a great summer so far.


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time - what a lovely spot, which I hang my head in shame to admit that I do not know anything about!

    Funny - my orchid just started re-blooming this week as well! This is its third re-blooming, which is wonderful!

    1. I had never heard of the Interlake area before I started dating Hubs. My family and I had gone to other lakes in Manitoba in the summer, but not past Winnipeg. The Interlake is a lovely place. Apparently, there's quite a few people from Europe, Iceland and the US who vacation in Gimli in the summer (Gimli was founded by Icelanders).

      I am so proud of my orchid re-blooming as I am not really an expert gardener! Little victory!

  2. I'd keep going in July and keep quiet about it! It's so soothing being beside water be it a lake or the sea.This is my kind of holiday. I love Blue Lagoon cocktails, it's always the first one I have when I'm in Italy.The more I see of Canada, the more I want to visit.

    1. July is the best time to go, and there were no other family members there either. Win-win!

      Another person who loves Blue Lagoons! You are in my cool club, Sulky.

  3. Looks like a good holiday. When the weather cooperates it makes all the difference and those calm lake images make for a picture postcard advertisement. I am with you on taking those lovely orchids home in the car. It would have been tough if you were the driver!

    1. Exactly! Poor Hubs, always going along with my outrageous suggestions. :) My Mom had given me a plant as well (we had visited my parents on the way out to the cottage), so I had haul home that plant too.

      I took dozens of photos of the sunsets, trying to get the perfect photo! I definitely want to get a sunset photo on canvas.

      The weather was perfect!

  4. What a wonderful vacation! Great photos too.
    Glad you shared it all with us.
    Have the best weekend!

  5. You really did have a great vacation! I've never had a Blue Lagoon, didn't know there was an 'interlake' area in Canada, never heard of an A&W wedding, so I learned a lot! Thanks for sharing. The sail boat and the sunset photos are gorgeous.

  6. Wow, absolutely beautiful. Looks like a true getaway. I love the calmness of lakes. This looks like the prettiest area!

    Great the way you write with all the little details. I love seeing it through your eyes! The best part of vacations is all these little stops and the walks and things.

    I agree that early July is a good time to holiday. We always go in late JUne and early July before the crowds hit and I love that time.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you dear! MY BAD with late responding to comments, I've been obsessed with the new phone this week! Many blogs to catch up on, yours is next!