Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sights and Sounds of Chicago

I am back home in chilly Canada, the weather (and street ruts) are pretty much the same as how we had left it.   C O L D.   But I am glad we are back safe. 

Chicago is a wonderful city to visit.  In some ways, I found it similar to NYC, but Chicago definitely has its own flavour.   We are definitely going back!

Cloud Gate: 

                                There's me!

Uptown Theater:

 Apparently the inside of the theater was used to film the interiors of "Duncan's Toy Chest" (from Home Alone 2)

Oriental Theater (where we saw Big Fish, highly recommended):


View One Day...

View the Next Day...

Other cool photos of Fog:

                                  Marina Towers

Speaking of the Marina Towers, check out the Parking Situation. You have to back up into your stall.....no thanks.

Louis Vuitton Office Purse in the same place everyday:

Our hotel room looked into this office floor in the next building over (we were on the 32nd floor, so fairly high up), every day this same purse was hung in the same place.  (We're not stalkers, seriously!)  Is this Louis Vuitton?  I dunno. 

Rainforest Cafe:

Cool Buildings, Heads and Details:

The Chicago Hilton, located on Michigan Avenue across the street from Grant Park, where the riots took place during the tumultuous 1968 Democratic National Convention (another link here)

The Cubs game at Wrigley was great.  I'm normally not into baseball (or most sports) but the game was very fun and the Cubs won that one.

                                           Those Marina Towers again!

                              I would never walk across that pedway.  Never. 

Merchandise Mart:

                                     Huge space-age espresso machine

                                          Huge whisk!

America Loves Eggs!

I Love Marianos Fresh Market. (also seen in the Eggy's photo above)  Best market ever. 

The Tin-Man in Oz Park:

and on the way to O'Hare Airport...

A Hooters next door to an Evangelical Church. 


  1. Chicago sounds like the place to go, I'd love to pay a visit! That fog looks like a real English-style pea-souper. Don't think I'd feel too comfortable with that parking option either. Lots of impressive looking architecture. And at least it wasn't snowing.

    1. Obama's, Oprah's & Hiliary (Clinton)'s town served us very well! We were impressed. The direct flight was great too.

      We came back to snow piles here at home (and piles of files on my desk at work)....ugh so depressing! But at least we got away for a week!

  2. This really makes me want to go to Chicago. And am dying to see your travel outfits! You need to post more of yourself! Isn't peaking into the room opposite so Rear Window, I love it. Wondering who is behind that neat and tidy LV bag....

    1. I have another post coming up with my new found finds...we actually didn't get too many photos of us, our photos are mostly of buildings! So much to see...

      I would watch for the LV bag everyday!

    2. Mum said even the garbage bins are artistic there

  3. You covered a lot of territory while you were there and I am so happy to read that you enjoyed it so much. It is a GREAT city!
    xo, H

    1. We loved it! I thought of you while we were at Macy's that first day! Unfortunately we didn't get to see as much as we wanted to (part of the trip was for work so we didn't have as much time to sightsee during the day) but we crammed in as much as we could & we have a list for next time. I loved that there was a new surprise/experience every day!

  4. Funny, I never ever wanted to go to Chicago until we were within a few train stops and then I discovered how amazing it is. You saw a lot and it is a spectacular place. I would go again anytime I'm in the vicinity and as I have family in Minneapolis-St. Paul, it's likely...

    1. I enjoyed your posts about Chicago -- next time we would like to do a walking tour of the buildings -- some of those old lobbys are so ornate!

  5. That theater is gorgeous! I get a kick out of the church by Hooters. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing it with us. Since I am now home bound I can't tell you how nice it is to be included through photos.

  6. Unfortunately we couldn't take photos inside of the Oriental Theater - all the details were so fascinating! The photos we have don't do it justice, it's really something to see in person.

    I love little quirky things like that, everyday we came across something that made us go "whaaaat?" Then we laughed ourselves silly over it!

  7. What an interesting city to visit. Lots of skyscrapers. I like the Tin Man on Oz Park.

    1. We already have a to-do list for next time! Very fascinating city. The Tin Man was another quirky surprise we stumbled upon!

  8. Chicago looks like fun. I had no idea they got fog like we do. Kind of weird isn't it? Fog that is, if you're not used to it. I love those circular towers. No way would I back in!! The park looks lovely too..I'm glad your trip to the U.S. have been good! I'm sure if I visited Canada, (it's been a while- I've been twice,) I'd find lots of things we don't have that you do! Isn't that the way?

    Always love your posts!

    1. Thanks Dear!

      Chicago was very fun, I'm sure your Hubs & boys would enjoy it too. It's one of those places where there's something for everyone.

      The fog was so thick that one morning, I couldn't even see that lady's LV purse in the window the next building over! ha ha But later in the day it cleared up, so I saw it then.