Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Snappy Opps

It's finally 2013! 

So I must get your advice.  Hubs is buying me a new camera for my birthday coming up, and I want one which takes exceptional indoor photos.


Our current camera, a Sony Cyber-Shot (similar to one in the photo above), takes great outdoor photos and the little video clips turn out quite well.  Even my Roxette concert videos turned out pretty good. 

Any photos taken indoors are terrible - I always have to photoshop and edit them all afterwards, no matter how much we have fiddled with the settings.  It really doesn't matter if the lighting is poor or not....the photos just do not turn out well, even when taken with the flash. 

I want something portable that doesn't take up a lot of room whilst travelling, easy to use, basically a point-and-click camera with minimal fiddling around whatsoever and takes great photos in any lighting.  And no blurry pics!

Any recommendations?


  1. Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

    My nephew who is a very good photographer, researched and purchased A Canon ELPH 300 HS
    I immediately copied him and have been using it, with success, since April past. I take outdoor/indoor and am pleased.
    We shopped around and found the price differed greatly - I believe we got them at Best Buy.
    Good luck
    Helen xx

  2. Happy New Year!
    I don't have a small camera but I do own two Canons that I am very happy with. I think Canon is great brand and would go with that, especially after what Helen said about hers.

  3. Happy New Year to you! In terms of camera, I love the Nikon line. Check out the Nikon L and P line. Also the Olympus Pen is highly recommended. Have a wonderful year. All the best to you.

  4. Happy New Year!! I vote for the Canon. We bought a Canon Powershot last year and it takes great pictures indoors, even better than my husband's Nikon DSLR that cost several times more.

  5. You may as well ask me about lawn mowers and car engines - I don't even know what make ours are! So, I'm no help whatsoever, hope you manage to find a good one though!

  6. The only camera we have is the one on my iphone - that's our level.

  7. My camera is a large clunky one that I hated initially. I envied Bill's neat smaller ones but mine takes the best photos. I shall make notes on the recommendations you get...I just might buy myself a small one for my birthday... Does anyone else feel guilty about abandoning an old 'friend' though?

    1. My Mom still uses her old camera (with film!) and insists her camera still takes the best photos.

  8. I am saving my $$ for a digital SLR. I was always a Nikon fan but am considering buying a Canon because I have been so happy with my Canon PowerShot A720 IS. All the pictures on my blog have been taken with it and I rarely do any tweaks to the photos before I publish. Mine is older but if you could find the "newer" model equivalent I think you would be very, very happy with one. xo

  9. I have a tiny Canon Elph it's several years old and I took a one day workshop to find out all it can do. Playing with the options will go a long way to getting familiar with it.

  10. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! We are going shopping after work so I will check out the Canons and the Nikons....there's a sale on at Don's Photo. I will announce the winner soon! :)

  11. Mine is a Canon:) The others are good too! I'm sure you will hear lots of pros and cons with each .. and take advantage of the SALE!

    Hope your 2013 is off to a great start!