Monday, December 10, 2012

Having All the Answers

A new cast member has been introduced to the office recently.   He is the office printer guru, having replaced two failed printers with a bright shiny new one (which still crumples the Last Will & Testament envelopes, unfortunately).  We have had to call him back for service repairs.  My BFF at work, Kelsey, has become the new BFF and go-to person for the guru.   He always stops by unannounced to chat for at least 45 minutes and puts on a grand performance of The Great Seller to endorse the wondrous piece of office equipment that is the printer.  (I wonder if he's buddies with Doris?)  Poor Kelsey doesn't have the heart to send him on his way earlier, I tell her she is way too nice.  I would have excused myself three minutes into a heart-to-heart conversation over printers and their functions.   A fourth minute is too long. 

I have dubbed the guru Mr. Hall, as he looks exactly like Mr. Hall from Clueless:


I am sure Mr. Hall will be stopping by the office before Christmas for a chat over printers and Pot of Gold chocolates.

I decided to be a rebel this year and opt out of my work Christmas party this past weekend.  It's been a tough work year.  The news did not bode well with the quasi-office manager though, and nearly caused an office scandal.  She seemed to take it quite personally that I was not coming to the Christmas Party and demanded to know an explanation why.  I gave a vague answer and refused to budge.  (I could tell she couldn't handle the truth.)  About ten others (all assistants) followed my trend and opted out of the party. 

This morning, I found out the quasi-office manager did not attend the Christmas Party either!  Perhaps there were not quite enough people there to micromanage, I'm not sure. 

Instead, I have been rewatching my Downton Abbey DVDs....I am very much looking forward to the premiere of Season 3 on PBS on my birthday!  I already have my day planned around the premiere and must be home in time to watch the show.

Lastly, a big thank you to Pamela at The Style and Travel Journals for nominating me for a Liebster Blog Award!

I love Pamela's blog, be sure to check it out if you aren't already a follower!  Her photos are magnificent. 

Pamela wanted these very specific questions answered, so I will do as I'm told.  I'm good at following the rules....sometimes.....

My Questions:

1. What is your favourite Christmas song?  Too many.  I require a paragraph to answer.  

"The King" from Loreena McKennitt's 1987 holiday album, "O Come All Ye Faithful", "Mary's Boy Child" by Boney M (I saw Boney from Boney M ten years ago at this time!  RIP Boney), "Song for a Winter's Night" (Sarah McLachlan's version), "Silent Night" and "Last Christmas" (Wham.....yes....them).  Though I think my absolute favorite songs are Advent songs.  "O Come O Come Emmanuel" and "O Come Divine Messiah"..... both have superb melodies and haunting lyrics......  "Break the captive fetters" being one of the them...isn't that a great line?  I love playing these songs on the organ.

2. Where is your favourite place to travel?  New York City, NY and Coronado, CA.

3. Where is one place you wish to travel?  Prague, Czech Republic.  I have had a fascination with Prague since I was about 10 years old.

4. What is your idea of perfect bliss?   Walking the streets of NYC with Hubs, being completely anonymous.

5. What are your passions?   Arts.  Music and writing especially.

6. What is one character you admire in a person?  Authenticity.

7. What is one character you dislike in a person?  BS!

8. What is your Fashion Style?  Part Duchess Catherine/Part Jackie O/Part Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy/Part Francoise Hardy....with a dash of Stevie Nicks and Megan Draper thrown in for good measure.  (It sounds complicated but it really isn't).

9. What is your heritage?   Completely Eastern European.  75% Polish and 25% Ukrainian.  Most people have no idea and assume I'm Irish or Nordic.

10. What is one thing you wish to learn?  How to master that organ!!

11. What is your advise to new bloggers?   Be authentic.

Pick a Question to Answer!  If you want to chat about Mr. Hall, that's fine too.  I'm all ears.


  1. Awww...Mr. Hall. That actor has quite the resume for goofy characters. My favorite was his role in the Princess Bride. I also remember seeing him on the Cosby show a couple of times.

    Smart, SMART!, girl to be watching Downton before the new season...I should so do this too as I have the memory of a gnat lately.

    Authenticity rides high on my list too...real high. Know thyself and be.

    1. Absolutely!

      Ok funny story for you. (I keep wanting to call you "Bliss"!) Kelsey and I were talking about Mr. Hall after his first trip to the office. I told her he looks like Mr. Hall from Clueless (even the voice and his height are the same!) and she said, you know, he reminds me of that guy from Princess Bride. I hadn't seen Princess Bride and it had been awhile since she had seen Clueless so we google him immediately and it's the SAME GUY. Too funny, hey? I must watch Princess Bride soon.

      I hadn't watched Downton in awhile, then last week PBS had a 'Downton Revisited' special on TV and that did it for me. I was craving Matthew and Mary scenes, they are so good together!

    2. That is funny!

      A funny story for you...I had to do a double take on your answer about mastering the organ. ;)

  2. I've never watched The Office but I've seen that actor in a number of shows and he's pretty funny. I'll take Favorite Christmas Song for $500 Alex.... What is O Holy Night?

    I can sing. Thankfully I inherited my father's musical talent. I can hit all the notes in that song with perfect pitch and blow the doors off any venue without a microphone. My husband loves it when I have a couple glasses of wine and belt out the tunes. Once I put on the clogs and start dancing around though, he usually calls it a night. LOL

    1. I love it! Christmas Karaoke, anyone?

      O Holy Night is a great song and very powerful! I really like the version by Celtic Women, the harmonies are lovely.

  3. Mr. Hall is funny. The Office is a great show too. We show some videos of The Office at work too to make a point. I love Downton Abbey too. I can't wait for it to start in January!

    Wow, your answers are great! It is so nice to know more about fellow bloggers. Thank you for mentioning my blog and for your interesting answers. Have a great week!

    1. The first couple of seasons of The Office were the best! So zany and I'm sure everyone has worked with a Michael, a Phyllis, a Kelly, a Ryan...

  4. I'm trying to envision all of those fashion gurus all rolled into one. The office guru/visitor sounds annoying as all hell. So glad you didn't force yourself to attend a lame party if you didn't want to go. xo

    1. Me boss is trying to pin a guilt trip on everyone by saying how the Christmas party was so poorly attended....well, clue in then!

  5. Got quite a laugh from Mr Hall. I remember him from the Princess Bride but he is a wonderful character actor.
    45 minutes!!! I would pass out on the floor.

    1. I listened to him ramble on and on about the printer for 45 minutes (let me show you this! and this! and this!) Poor Kelsey, she really had no escape!

  6. Good for you for standing your ground. Sometimes the "fakeness" at Christmas office parties is just too much to bear xx

    1. I just cannot be fake and phony like that, some people are good at it but not me!