Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Back to New York, for a second

I'm taking a brief break from my California Dreamin' to forward along this post from Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti about the "Slice of Brooklyn" one hour special airing tomorrow night (March 7th) on The Travel Channel.  If you can, watch it (check your listings).  If you're in NYC, go on the tour!

Hubs and I went on this tour back in Spring 2010 after reading about it online on a travel site, and we are so glad we did.  It was one of our favorite excursions, we highly recommend it.  Aside from eating two different kinds of pizza (thin crust and thick crust) at two pizza locations, the tour takes you to various sights in Brooklyn - most sights we would have never seen on our own (including Coney Island).  The tour starts and ends in Manhattan in Union Square, and the photo opportunities were among the best we had on that trip!

Our tour guide was Paula and she was fantastic.  Super-informative and fun to be around, she has the zest for Brooklyn!

                                   Thin Crust Margarita Pizza at Grimaldi's (my fave)

                                         Paula (in the red jacket) was our tour guide

                                               Garage from Goodfellas

                                                        At Coney Island

                                                            Love it


  1. Now you went and made me hungry for pizza and I am dieting. Oh well, I might have to give in.
    I grew up 25 mins outside NYC and never saw half of what you have ! That's always the way I think.

    1. It is wonderful - best pizza ever!

      We love exploring NYC - we have seen so many fabulous things!

  2. Mr SK was just saying to me last night that we should plan a trip to New York! This is definitely something I'd like to do.

  3. Hello:
    Well, this post and link shall definitely be kept somewhere safe, pending that visit to New York which is permanently on our agenda!!!