Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Tale of My New Role

Since my mother-in-law and three sisters-in-law are Winners/Home Sense/Costco groupies, I never really have to shop at those places much.  I always receive great Christmas and Birthday gifts from their shopping trips there.  Two to three shopping trips a year for me, max.

Until now.

I went to Home Sense twice this week (of course it's located at the opposite end of the city from where I live).  What the heck? 

Because I'm on the hunt for these James Martin coffee cups by Denby.

Sister-in-law K bought us an almost complete set of Denby dishes for Christmas but could only find two cups at her Home Sense in Edmonton.  We went to look again at the Home Sense here in town after New Year's, I went again after that but so far to no avail.  The search is on...

.....and ever since Closet Crisis at One Too Many Closets advised that she found Molton Brown sets at Winners once, I'm on the manhunt now.   On my last shopping trip to Winners, I realized that I'm turning into my three sisters-in-law with their Winners and Home Sense shopping antics and conversations about the best deals.  I'm a full fledged member of The Club and I can't turn back!!


  1. once bitten by the bug, methinks you may never return to normality....

    but they are rather beautifully shaped cups...the handle is quite sculptural. Virginia xx

  2. LOL. Should I tell you I also found stashes of Korres products? I went to 3 different Winners to stock up that one year! I totally "get" your obsession. I would do the same :)

  3. A lot of shopping is hit or miss especially in store like Costco. You have to haunt those places.
    I know a woman who goes to one place instead of lunch daily!
    But she finds the best things.
    Those cups are a lovely shape. I hope you find them.

  4. I don't now those show but do you know what one I love that I think is in America also, Tk Maxx. Oh it's like a really clean well organised jumble sale and everything is so different from what you find on the HIgh ST, I go in about twice a year as a treat - I hate 'physical' shopping so that's one of the few shops I ever visit now.

  5. Virginia - Well, I don't really consider myself to be normal to begin just kidding. I love the cups, very stylish!

    Closet Crisis - How do you come across these finds?? I'm jealous! My sister's friends always find the best stuff at Winners too but they go almost every day.

    Annie - Me too! I make a few trips to Costco a year, Mom & I usually buy bulk items together and split them.

    Tabitha - I am all about online shopping and only go shopping for certain finds (and now for these cups). I've never been to TJ Maxx but I know people who have been and they say it's like a little more upscale Winners, very similar.

  6. have those listed (well, I'm guessing this is them)

    but they have none in stock. You could always save yourself the fuel and just let them find it for you.

  7. Thanks for the website tip Shelley! I will have to keep tabs on there!