Monday, January 9, 2012

Recent Reads

I had quite a few books on the go before Christmas and over the holidays: 

I preferred Jackie as Editor to Reading Jackie, both books are similar but I preferred the writing style of Greg Lawrence to William Kuhn.  La Seduction is up there with What French Women Know as a French insider cousin S bought me Jackie Ethel Joan for my birthday, I had read the book last year and raved on and on about it to her, so S bought me the hardcover.  I really enjoyed the stories about Ethel and Joan, so much has been written about Jackie, but not so much about Ethel or Joan.  Rules of Civility was a wonderful read too, I could not put it down.  The book makes you imagine what New York City was like in the 1930s....

Vintage Style is interesting to leaf through.  I never really knew who Francoise Hardy was, but I definitely love her style! 


I bought The Great Gatsby issued by Penguin classics a few months ago.  It's one of my favorites and I absolutely love the art deco covers.  My sister-in-law L bought me Tender Is The Night for Christmas.  Aren't the book covers pretty?  I want to buy the full collection!

Have you started your New Year with any good reads?


  1. Great reads all of them. Those art deco covers are lovely and its great when a book looks as nice outside as it read inside.

  2. Beautiful Fitzgerald book covers.

    I am reading "The Story of a Beautiful Girl" on loan from the library. And I better get on it because it's due back next week.

    I'll have to look for "Rules of Civility"...thank for the recommendations!

  3. Oh I got the Fitzgerald's for my Christmas last year, they are such beauties. And La Seduction was a great read. hat's quite apple you've there, I'm really slow at reading these days, I need to break my computer habit.

  4. Books ... yay!

    The covers of the FSF books are beautiful. The Great Gatsby is on my wish list and now I've added Jackie as Editor ;-)

  5. "Let's Bring Back" and "Encyclopedia of the Exquisite" were such a joy to read. I also have Fitzgerald's books but I haven't read him since my 20s...maybe it is time for a re-read. "La Seduction" and "Vintage Style" sound interesting.

    My 2012 new author find is Dorothy Whipple...I am expecting another title by her any day--CAN'T WAIT!

  6. I got a Kindle for Christmas, and am happy to read new/popular or free classics (hah!) on it. Some books are worth collecting in hard cover though. Those FSF covers are just gorgeous. I still remember the passage in the Great Gatsby about the shirts. Maybe that's where I got my obsession from. Great picks, thanks for sharing!

  7. Annie - the Fitzgerald books look superb on my bookshelf too! lol

    Adrienne - I will have to check my library for that one, they are great about ordering books in from other branches.

    Tabs - oh you are so lucky you have all the Fitzgerald books!

    LatteLisa - Jackie as Editor is a good read, an interesting perspective of her time as a book editor which people don't really know about.

    Bliss - Thx for your recommendation! I love finding out about new (to me) authors.

    CC - I am interested in getting a kindle, but I still love the way a book feels in my hands! Maybe one day a kindle will make its way into my hands...

  8. Jackie is no longer on my wish list, it's now in my hands ;-) Thanks for the tip. I've just read the intro and I already like it.

    Have a wonderful weekend ;-)

  9. Such a great stack! I got the Encyclopedia Of the Exquisite last year for Christmas. This year most of my prezzies were books, which is more than fine by me! Thank heavens for Amazon! Currently reading a biography of Dolly Wilde (Oscar's niece). Will have to do a post about my stack, though I don't think any of my covers are nearly as beautiful as those FSF's.

  10. Shelley - I adore Amazon, I try to support local shops too but I find Amazon always has those elusive titles I'm looking for...