Thursday, January 12, 2012

Party Plans

Hello, how is everyone today?   Looking forward to the weekend?  I am, this week was quite busy at work and the evenings were fairly busy too.  Winter has really now arrived with colder temperatures, wind, icy streets and seasonal affective disorder blahs.....but it hasn't been all that bad -- I have relished the opportunities to wear my new hats!  :)

Mad Men now has a premiere date - March 25th!!  Time to start planning our premiere party!  Hubs and I have hosted Mad Men parties since the finale of Season 3, so this will be our 4th Mad Men party.  Our good friends T, K and TN love Mad Men also.  We encourage everyone to dress up as a character and we provide the appropriate period style menu, cocktails, decor items, music and episode screening.  We always have a blast and have great party memories!

Here's some photos from our previous Mad Men soirees....

                                                Privileged Guests

                                      Appropriate menu ( jelly salads included)

Some friskiness in the kitchen

             I was Joan Holloway for our inaugural party, of course.  (Not Harris).  Hubs was Roger.

          Don would have been proud of this stash, we even had his favorite, Canadian Club Rye

                                            Thrift Store Find

                      Scored some appropriate Life magazines at the Antique Store

                                    Skinny Ties out in full force (it's 1963, remember)

                                           Pearls and Smiles to Entice

                                        TN with his Clio Award

                  Summer Trudy Campbell outfit with Betty Draper pink nails

Perhaps I should think about hosting a Downton Abbey finale party too - how much fun would that be!   I love Lady Mary's outfits, especially the gorgeous dinner dresses and the beautiful blue coat and skirt she wore last season. 

Have you hosted any successful theme parties?


  1. It is way too cool that you do this. I wish I could come to it...I do have a great wiggle dress I could wear. ; ). ~~Bliss

  2. Looks like a great theme party!
    Did you serve cheeze whiz?

    Nice pearls :)

  3. I love this, what a great idea! No I'm a terrible hostess I've only ever thrown one party in my life.
    Oh I wonder when we'll get Mad Men? Must go find out.

  4. Hello:
    As always we feel somewhat out of step here as we have absolutely no idea who exactly the Mad Men are. Of course, we could name plenty of people we know for the title but we are assuming that it is not to them that you refer!!

    However, we love parties and yours looks to have been great fun. Although not entirely sure about the jelly salad, the friskiness in the kitchen would suggest that the guests enjoyed a very good time.

    A Downton Abbey party, now that would be entirely our cup of tea!!

  5. Oh my oh my that looks like so much fun - we had a gypsy jazz soul party which was mad fun - have a very good weekend xx

  6. Wow, now this is a great idea and everything looks wonderful.
    You come up with some great ideas.
    I have not hosted a theme party but was invited to a Great Gatsby party on Long Island one time.

    Have a marvelous time.

  7. Bliss - your wiggle dress would be perfect for the party! :)

    Hostess - thanks! And I did serve cheez whiz on celery sticks...served them all fancy and everything...LOL

    Tabitha - hopefully you will get Mad Men around the same time we do, I can't wait for the new season. It has been way too darn long!

    Hattatts - Glad to see you back! Mad Men is wonderful, I'm afraid at the moment you'll have to smile and nod politely at all the references. The jellied salad yielded plenty of laughs when first presented, then went over really brought back memories for everyone who grew up in the 1970s (I am a decade behind but I still remember potlucks with jellied salads when I was little). You know the kind of salad...lime jello with grated celery and carrots...LOL

    F & F - oh that jazz party would be totally up my alley, what a fab idea!!

    Annie - the Great Gatsby party is an awesome idea too!

  8. So fun! I had a Mad Men themed Birthday party back in August!

    Lindsey Turner

  9. This is such a fun idea! I have never watched Mad Men but have heard rave reviews about it. Perhaps I should pick up the boxed set of season one! xo

  10. Lindsay - Your party must have been a blast! Thanks for commenting, will check out your blog today!

    Debby - Oh you must! You definitely would have to start with Season 1 to know all of the back stories.

  11. I wish I could come to your party!
    I have never done a themed party, but you know what I just finished watching the first season of Downton Abbey and I love love it!

  12. I've never attempted a themed party, except for having them at appropriate holidays - Valentines, St. Pats, etc. I don't think my guests would bother to turn up appropriately dressed. I would love to attend a Downton Abbey party! As with the Hattat's, I'm not up on Mad Men, though I have heard of it. Although I was only 7 in 1963, I suspect Oklahoma was at least a decade behind the modern era, so I do remember being a teenager in a fairly repressive time. Little bits I've picked up about Mad Men make me think I'd be re-living those days, not something that excites me. But if you do the DA thing, do invite me, I'll hop right over LOL!!

  13. Dani & Shelley - A Downton Abbey party would be incredible! And I would insist on wearing a Lady Mary replica outfit! :)

  14. Love your blog! Great reading all your entries. I am so glad you stopped by mine. Thanks for the comment!

    I look forward to reading more of your posts. The Mad Man party looks so fun!

    Happy weekend!

  15. What fun it would be to attend your party. I love mid-century and the Mad Men era is just a bit later, still very cool.

    I wanted to let you know that a friend of mine purchased these boots recently and although they aren't the Rumba they are practically identical and now almost half price! Available in Canada so no duty and the shipping is even free since it's over the minimum. Plus, you can return without hassle at any Brown's store, assuming you have one where you live (I think I remember reading that you're in Canada).

    Maybe you've already got your Rumbas or passed on them altogether but I wanted to share this info, just in case it is useful. Enjoy your party.

  16. I'd definitely make a better Edith...

  17. Oh this party looks like such fun LR, wish I had been there!

  18. xoxo - thanks for the link!! There's no Browns shop where I live unfortunately but I usually buy things online anyway -- still planning on buying the boots! :)

    Shelley - Edith is growing on me in Season 2, I absolutely couldn't stand her in Season 1! lol

    Red Roses - You will have to host one!