Monday, January 16, 2012

Mid-Month Already?

Had a nice relaxing weekend.  How about you?  Everyone has been warned not to bother me on Sunday nights.  (Those obsessed with Downton Abbey know why.)

Hubs came home from his work trip last Friday from the US, he bought some groceries home (always cheaper in the US than here in Canada), we enjoyed our favorite leek tart for supper and finally put away the Christmas tree.  Another box purge took place at that you know, I just can't have a few leftover random boxes shoved into the furnace room (or anywhere else, for that matter!)  I instantly felt better once they were gone.

The next day, my walk-in closet decluttering and purging went very well.  I re-read DaniBP's post on decluttering (great tips), uploaded some 1980s tunes on my Ipod, grabbed some garbage bags and went through a quick 20 minute ruthless purge.  I wholeheartedly recommend it.   Don't think about it, just do.  So freeing.  Three garbage bags later, I was well on my way to an orderly walk-in closet and could organize the remaining items accordingly.  I even unpacked all our luggage too... I still had toiletries in our luggage from our NYC trip and from Christmas.  I'm a bit notorious for not fully unpacking after going somewhere...must try to be better this year.

I did not take up the offer presented on the Home Depot's Sales Board just down the street from my house - "Take control of your clutter with our storage solutions this month!!"

How about taking control of your clutter by getting rid of some of it (or all of it)?


  1. I cannot wait to see Downton Abbey but have decided, as I missed the first two episodes that I shall wait and rent the boxed set when life is a little more calm.

    I like you attitude about not buying more storage solutions.

    Have a great week

    Helen xx

  2. Hello:
    We completely agree with you that if one really wants to be rid of excess rubbish, then one must just do it rather than think about it or, worse still, look too closely at what is to be thrown out. That is hopeless.

    We are not really hoarders but a friend of ours is now getting to the point where there will soon be not a single cupboard or drawer in her house which closes. When will she realise that the time for decluttering has come?

  3. Oh I'm so thankful that it's mid January already.

    No clutter here, I have the opposite problem, everyone keeps telling me to stop getting rid of everything. I've always liked things neat and orderly.

  4. I always roll my eyes when I see those storage facility commercials for Pods and Public Storage. Why not just get rid of all the junk you're not using rather than PAY someone to keep it for you? I think it actually encourages clutter.

    Good for you for being so dang productive over the weekend. You've ignited a little spark in me to get moving on my declutter projects.

  5. Helen - I am definitely going to buy the Season 2 DVD of Downton Abbey as well. It will be worth the wait!

    Jane & Lance - Peter Walsh will have to come and rescue her, I'm afraid! My parents used to be like that too, cupboards full of 'stuff', a box room, a junk room, full office, every single paper ever owned shoved somewhere, etc but they are getting better! :)

    Tabs - oh I wish I was more like you! I think about the items too much so my 20 minute no-thinking purge was perfect for me.

    Adrienne - Glad I inspired you! Decluttering has been on my mind ever since Christmas. The guest room closet is getting cleaned next!!

  6. It is somehow such a symbolic thing to get one's space in order, isn't it? I cannot work if I have a messy desk - I tend to get sidetracked and the ideas won't flow - but of course being an interior designer means my desk is strewn with floor plans, sketches, pages of dimensions, samples and finishes - so it is a regular de-cluttering exercise! And the same goes for my home. If it is a mess, I get cranky. So I feel your sense of satisfaction! Virginia x

  7. I'm in the middle of major decluttering here too - it is so freeing, as you say! Leek tart is one of my top favourite things - so comforting in the cold! I'm very envious of your walk in closet - pictures please! xxx

  8. I do the same thing...I come home and live out of my suitcase until everything in it has been worn or used up!

    I am loving watching season 2 of Downton again! I heard there will be a season 3...yay! Thank goodness! Lots of loose ends!

    Isn't it amazing how expensive groceries are here!?!?!? It shocks me to see how many things are half the price in the US...and the dollar is pretty much at par! Good things there's no duty etc on groceries!

  9. They say if the house is in order, your thinking improves. I suppose one thing follows another.
    I have weeded out closets periodically but, I have to say that if I get too ruthless I end up missing things I threw out!

  10. Mrs E. - I will try to post photos soon! I think decluttering is on many January lists this year for people.

    Suburban Princess - Exactly! We can basically buy as many dry goods as we want in the US and cheese is so much cheaper there than here...groceries prices are insane and unfortunately keep going up! (esp. coffee!) p.s. so happy there's going to be a Season 3 of Downton Abbey!

    Annie - I have done that too, tossed things I have regretted later on but then I had no choice but to live without it! :) Decluttering does clear out the mind.

  11. I am so envying you your Sunday nights with the Granthams! Waiting for series three's going to be a long winter!