Thursday, December 15, 2011

Views of the City

One of the things that fascinated me about New York City this time was the great architecture throughout the city.   Hubs and I did quite a bit of walking around and it was very intriguing to view the different buildings and architectural details on our walks, both during the day and in the evening.  Many of the buildings in New York are designated as a New York City landmark and/or a National Historic Landmark for their aesthetic and historical significance.

The New York Public Library on 5th Avenue looks marvelous during the day:

.... and illuminated at night:

This Garden Cafe was right next to our hotel on E. 38th Street between Park and Madison Avenues (note the plants still in bloom in November):

We finally snapped a good photo of the main foyer of The Metropolitan Museum of Art:

Jackie O's apartment building, as seen from the Temple of Dendur at The Metropolitan Museum of Art:

The glorious Flatiron (Fuller) Building, surrounded by 5th Avenue, Broadway and E. 22nd Street:

The view looking north towards Grand Central Terminal and the MetLife Building (formerly Pan Am Building) on Park Avenue:

A plaque in Grand Central Terminal honouring Jackie O's efforts to prevent the demolition of Grand Central Terminal in the 1970s:

Grand Central Terminal:

NY Stock Exchange on Wall Street:

One of the buildings which intrigued me the most was Trinity Church in Lower Manhattan.  Founded in 1697, Trinity Church as it stands now is actually the third building on the site (the first was lost in a fire and the second was demolished).  

The churchyard was particularly fascinating to explore the many old gravestones dating back to 1681.  Alexander Hamilton, The Honorable John Watts, Robert Fulton, Albert Gallatin and other notables are buried here:


  1. I haven't been to NYC in ages - really, since 96 I think. My husband and I are thinking about going there in 2013. We are taking his daughter to Paris for her graduation and might like to stop over in NY to show her the sights.
    I am so glad you two had such a great time and took so many photos to share with us.

  2. Hello:
    We were absolutely fascinated with this 'tour' of New York, and of some of its most splendid buildings, which has, once more, increased our wish to visit the United States and New York in particular. We are great believers in walking around cities, as far as is possible, for it is only in that way that one truly 'sees' all of the detail and discovers the unexpected.

  3. Great buildings, very much like it is around here, although we don't have the skyscrapers of course!

  4. I love NYC and I am very familiar with walking the streets, which is the way to experience any city, in my opinion. You have captured the essence and architecture so beautifully

    Helen xx

  5. Thank you for the tour...I haven't been there in so long. I would have so much fun snapping pictures of all the architecture too. That Flatiron building is amazing! ~~Bliss

  6. Great photos. Walking is truly the best way to see the city. I love NYC and hope to be back in 2012 to visit the BIL. I've never been to the cemetery at Trinity church so I'm going to make sure we stop by there, I'd love to visit the gravesites.

  7. Adrienne - That sounds like an amazing trip! Lucky girl! :)

    Hattatts - I will continue to urge you to go to the US! And I agree completely, one gets such a feel for a place simply by walking around and taking it all in.

    B & P - I would love to see Scotland and England, it is on our future trips list. Hubs took a semester at York University so he wants to take me there one day.

    Helen - Thank you! NYC is a great walking city.

    Bliss - I love the Flatiron building too, I am always amazed when I see it. I wonder what the offices are like inside!

    Xoxo - Definitely go and see it, we found Trinity Church and the Churchyard very fascinating. Hubs and I went earlier in the morning when there were just a few people milling about. Very European feel to it!