Sunday, December 18, 2011

Some Fun Things

I am loving my new Dooney and Bourke Dillen II black satchel (seen here with my red ASOS coat and black hat from Century 21 -- LOVE):

Loving my new J Brand Maria Skinny Jeans too...I love these even more than the black pair of J Brands I bought back in October!

I decided to try some Laura Mercier products in NYC, just for a change from my regular MAC products....I am using Flawless Tinted Moisturizer (in Porcelain), Pressed Setting Powder and Purifying Cleansing Oil.  I am impressed with all three products (I think I just may be switching my allegiance from MAC to Laura Mercier) and my skin is reacting well.  My cheeks are very dry and irritated during the winter, and the cleansing oil and moisturizer are helping.  The Pressed Setting Powder is helping me with my forehead shininess! 

I love Molton Brown's Relaxing Yuan Zhi bath and shower gel.....I fell in love after our last trip to NYC, our hotel's toiletries were Molton Brown.  I begged the hotel staff to give me some extras of the shower gel to take home, but of course that didn't last long.

I bought three of the shower gels at Lord and Taylor, as the shipping cost to Canada on the Molton Brown website is a flat rate of $60.00 (including taxes and duty)...can we say expenseeeeeeve..........however I am now kicking myself that I did not buy the lotion while at Lord and Taylor too.  What was I thinking?  That's right, I wasn't.  da-de-da-de-da....

Remember we saw Dreams (a tribute to Fleetwood Mac) last weekend?  Here's a photo of me and faux Stevie:

Did anyone see the Nutcracker episode of Cupcake Wars on Food Network?  We saw the winner, Jason Hisley of Flavor Cupcakery, at the opening night of the Nutcracker Ballet at Lincoln Center and tried some of his cupcakes.  They were awesome! 

Lastly, I just finished reading Lessons from Madame Chic:  The Top 20 Things I Learned While Living in Paris, written by Jennifer L. Scott from The Daily Connoisseur (one of my favorite blogs).

I really enjoyed Jennifer's Top 20 blog series so I was especially thrilled when she decided to write a book on it - witty, informative and unpretentious.  Great read.  'Madame Chic' reminds me of my French cousin Genevieve, who lives in Paris - same attitude, clothing style, lifestyle - and the way Jennifer describes Madame Chic's apartment reminds me of Genevieve's residence.  One bathroom for everyone to share and a very small kitchen!  I still have a beautiful black leather shoulder bag Genevieve gave me 13 years ago when we visited her,  I use it often.  Reading the book brought back good memories of our trip to Paris.


  1. Hello:
    Molton Brown products have always been great favourites with us and when in London we always try to make time to visit their shop to stock up with items to bring back to Hungary. In particular we think their hand wash to be excellent.

  2. That's such a great photo of you, one to be framed!
    Iam repulsively shiny and if I've been out all day and doing powder touch ups I look caked and about 80 by the end of the day, I've just read about some kind of mattifyer that's not a powder so I may give that a go.
    Faux Stevie is a dead ringer for the real one!

  3. I have that book on my Christmas list...
    you look fab in those jeans and I like that bag a lot!
    You look very cosmopolitan in your red coat and you wear a hat very well.

  4. Jane & Lance - Molton Brown products are fabulous! So many wonderful scents.

    Tabitha - Thanks! Oh I have the same problem with trying to combat shininess. Let us know how the mattifier works for you.

    Hostess - Jennifer's book is fabulous, the perfect book to read while sipping on a glass of wine after a long day. Thank you for the lovely compliments!

  5. Great picks/pics!

    I use Smashbox Photofinish to mattify in lieu of foundation. It comes in regular strength (which I have) and extra strength (for the BF).

    I came upon Molton Brown a few years back at Winners. Bought a travel set and fell in love with the scents. Went back to the store couple days later and scooped up the rest of the sets (4 in all). Slowly rationed my way through, using them only on weekends to give myself a treat.

    Gonna go and check out The Daily Connoisseur now.

  6. I enjoy your blog so much, I wish you'd post more often! to encourage you, I've given you the Liebster Blog award. Check my blog for more information.

  7. Love the top outfit - fab coat and hat and thank you so much for your comment - made me smile - have a very good xmas xx

  8. Closet Crisis - Thx! I think the Shoppers closest to my house sells Smashbox, I will have to take a look. I better keep an eye out for MB sets at Winners! Thx for the tip!

    Wellfedfred - oh thank you so much! I feel so honoured, this is my second award -- I promise I will write more frequent posts in the New Year! Thanks for commenting, glad you enjoy the blog!

    F & F - Thanks! All the best to you!

  9. That's such a lovely picture in your super coat and hat with your bag! I love Molton Brown stuff too - I'll have to give this flavour a try!

  10. Mrs. E - oh thank you! I really think the coat helped to hail cabs in I want to try the white mulberry hand lotion, apparently it is very nice.

  11. The DB satchel is a classic that will last forever...great choice!

    I also wear a red coat (vintage, bien sur) during the winter. It's amazing how seldom one sees colorful outerwear in the winter. ~~Bliss

  12. Bliss - thank you! I totally agree, it is rare to see a jewel-toned coat during winter, and it is so nice to see!