Thursday, December 8, 2011

How Do You Like Your Soup?

Thick?  Stoup (ala Rachael Ray)?  Brothy?  Full of ingredients or just broth?  Favorite kind?

My soup eating has definitely increased now that winter is here.  I like my soup preferably made from scratch (my Mom instilled those standards in me from childhood as there was always homemade soup simmering on the stove).... although I'm not going to lie.........sometimes I make do with Campbell's tomato soup (and lots of pepper) in a pinch. 

I'll go first - my fav is a tie between Potato and Leek/Bacon and my Mom's Borscht...and I like mine more on the stoup side.  If my soup is too brothy, bring out the crushed crackers!

How about you?


  1. Hello:
    Well, we are not fussy about how we have our soup. Always homemade from fresh ingredients [not by us, we need not add!!]with whatever is in season and available at the local market. It is our supper every night and Gazpacho and cold fruit soups take over in summer!! We LOVE beetroot soup!!!!

  2. Yum - I love soup in any season. In winter, minestrone, potato and leek, mushroom or pumpkin & orange. In summer, sorrel & potato or coconut milk based spicy prawn & noodle soups. We eat quite a lot of it actually, come to think of it. And on those nights when its already 7.30 and the cry of "you have to stop working mum, we need to eat dinner" is heard, it's my trusty standby to keep everybody happy with a bowl of deliciously quick goodness. Virginia xx

  3. I like it homemade and I love it with crackers or croutons!
    I just love it anyway it comes really.

  4. You know, I rarely eat soup, but if pressed then I love the Italian one that's like meal oh what's it called...
    and I love lentil soup, but I haven't scoffed soup for about ten to 15 years!

  5. I do love soup especially in the chilly wintertime. I do love a great bisque and make lots of chicken soups here in the bungalow kitchen.

  6. The throught of good soup warms my heart.
    Like your readers, I love soup made from scratch and I love all kinds.

  7. So many great kinds of soup, and always a good idea for supper or anytime!

  8. Soup made from scratch for me LR. Homemade chicken or roasted pumpkin are my favourites. I'm afraid I have an aversion to the canned variety although canned tomato soup is allowed when desperate!

  9. Hello LR
    I have passed on a blogger award to you!
    Annie xx