Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holidays and Stuff

Thanks everyone for the merry holiday wishes, how were your holidays?  My Christmas was great.  Everyone got along, ate, drank coffee, read books, visited, watched Christmas movies and vegged.  My little niece AV and I painted our nails, played Polly Pockets and watched the Grinch cartoon video for the 20th time.  AV reminds me of myself when I was her age.  If you want to know what I mean - we are both similar to little Susan in Miracle on 34th Street (Natalie Wood's character) -- same attitude, strong-willed with a questioning nature!   (I love her goodbye! voice here, I do the exact same thing when annoyed....which Hubs pointed out with glee when we watched the movie!  LOL)

I decided to be bold and wear my green feather fascinator on Christmas Eve, which was one of the two fascinators I bought from Ebay last spring during the Royal Wedding craze.   Sis was in a glam mood so she did my hair and makeup:

I did get a few what's-she-wearing? stares while at Christmas Eve Mass (from sloppily dressed people wearing yoga pants and rumpled jeans), but who cares?   I channeled Kate and Pippa's stellar confidence and proceeded to go my merry way.

Speaking of my fab Sis, we secretly exchanged gifts (even though my family draws names), we are best friends and superclose, so that's just what we do.  Remember the Stella and Dot Devi bangles I wanted in silver?

                                                      here they are in gold                

Superfab Sis remembered when I hinted in passing months ago and gave them to me for Christmas (she probably bought them back in August).  Lucky me!

Hubs and I kept things simple this year and exchanged books for Christmas, he bought me the exact ones I wanted (lucky me again!):


My reading list is quite full, I have a few Jackie books to read, the Kleier's new novel Hot Property (as in the same Kleier gals from Selling New York, love that show), haven't started The Encyclopedia of Exquisite Delights yet but I did read Let's Bring Back.... , which was absolutely hilarious, witty and cleverly written.  I bought the same book for my cousin, S, she loved it also (so did her husband!)  Let's bring back the bon ton, silver dollars, service, oak alleys and Palmer Method penmanship! 

On Christmas Day, Hubs and I played King of Chicago board game with my brother-in-law, R.  I was Lilly - my main goal was to pick up gangsters and dump them into the lake. 

Hubs and I are friendly yet quite competitive when it comes to board games and sports, however in the end, we banded together to beat R; Hubs just scraped by with enough points to win.  I was a distant third.  R has already declared a rematch sometime next year.

On a sunny note, check out my Mom's lilies, which blossomed over Christmas after a few years of dormancy.  South facing windows are the rage!


  1. Welcome back and good on you for going all glam with the fascinator. I honestly believe there is no such thing as overdressed...and anyway somebody has to set the standard! It's a fab tone of green.

    I reckon books make the very best presents of all - our tree generally groans under the weight of them. Something which lasts - which is nice. I am off to check out your two tomes - neither of which I have heard of.

    Isn't this the most gorgeous time of all - between Christmas and NYE - when all is so deliciously relaxed and everybody is excited for a much better year in 2012? Virginia xx

  2. Happy holidays to you and your family! You look lovely in that fascinator!!

  3. I'm so proud of you for dressing up for church. Too few do today. They would dress to the 9's as they used to say to go to meet the Queen , yet dress down to go meet God.
    So, glad you dressed up. Maybe you will bring back some much needed class.
    I am going to look for "Let's Bring Back" looks very interesting.

    Your mother's lilies are gorgeous.
    I have a silk one but just not the same as the real.
    I am happy you had such a lovely holiday. Hope the New Year brings all good things for you and your family.

  4. You look wonderfully glamourous!
    I like seeing both camps at mass, those who have chosen to make an effort and the couldn't care less sort, I'd hate for mass to be like Shul/Temple where everyone is always dressed to the nines and it's more about showing off than spirituality.
    Darn it, I wanted that first book! I forgot all about it, oh, you will love pouring through it.o

  5. Virginia - Thank you! Oh I agree about choosing to be slightly overdressed than's fun! I always enjoy this time of year before the New Year, it's a retrospective time.

    Louise - Thank you! And all the best to you and family!

    Annie - Thanks dear! I have to say my white & black floral dress has done me well this year - my 2011 occasion dress -- I have worn it for quite a few occasions and parties and it has gone over well! Hope you had a good holiday season also.

    Tabitha - Thank you! I agree, snobville and stuffiness are not my thing either....I prefer a nice balance. Looking forward to reading my books, I have about 5 on the go right now, which is fairly normal for me!