Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Spirit

The lively Rockette Christmas Show Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall was our first show.   I still have the music playing over and over in my head from their finale number (which was also performed twice at the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting a week later.....let your spirit shine!!!)  The lobby of Radio City was beautifully decorated with a gorgeous crystal Christmas tree in the middle and several wreaths everywhere: 

                       the lobby was gorgeous, this photo does not do it proper justice!

The inside of the theatre was spectacular, unfortunately we didn't sneak any photos but it was thrilling to see it this time.  When Hubs and I toured Radio City back in 2006, we couldn't go inside the theatre as the Tony Awards were being held there that weekend and the organizers were setting up (we were allowed a brief peek though).   I have been fascinated with Radio City ever since Riverdance performed there back in the mid-1990s (oh yes I was obsessed like everyone else was, and yes the debate rages on - I favour Dunne over Flatley):

The Rockette show featured two 3-D numbers, the famous Rockette high kicks in almost every routine, the famous Toy Soldiers routine and actual live animals during the Nativity Scene, which was very impressive.   Highly recommended show to see!

The next day, Hubs and I got up early to go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We staked out our spot on 6th Avenue and 42nd Street (by Bryant Park) and stood in the same spot for almost 4 hours.  My feet were killing me the next day (and the day after), but it was worth it.

Watching the handlers run with the balloons and handle them was fascinating, I would be stressed out trying to run with the balloons, especially turning on street corners where we were!  The kids loved the parade and the adults did too.  I watched the parade on TV after we came home from NYC and saw the performances in front of Macy's Department Store -- not all of the performers are on the floats during the parade, some of them only appear on a float in front of Macy's when it is their turn to perform.

It was wonderful to see the decorations throughout the City, particularly once Thanksgiving was over and more Christmassy decorations appeared:

                                     Stars at Time Warner Center, Columbus Circle

                                         Cartier on 5th Avenue

                                              Christmas Tree at Le Cirque

Holiday Windows at Bergdorf Goodman:

Lord & Taylor:


Christmas Tree at Bryant Park:

Huge wreath (one of many in the city):

Christmas Tree and Angels at Rockefeller Center (my personal favorite):

We saw The Nutcracker Ballet at Lincoln Center on opening night, it was absolutely exquisite.  One of my highlights from our vacation.  The dancing, costumes, sets, theater and ambiance were first rate.....the music from the Nutcracker playing in my head for days afterwards, alternating with the music from the Rockettes show.  This was our view from the 4th ring at the David H. Koch Theater (our seats were very high up but we had a good view of the orchestra pit and stage):

I'm in the Christmas mood now!


  1. thanks SO much for sharing the pics! you've got me in the mood now! Looking forward to putting up my decorations this week.

  2. CC - You're welcome! I have to put up my Christmas decorations too, normally I have my house decorated by now!

  3. I love department store windows at Christmas time, and all the city lights and trees. But seeing Kermie - that would have been the highlight for me!

  4. I bet you are in the holiday mood after seeing all this wonderful stuff. I am, too!

    Those windows at L & T and BG are incredible. I would love to see NYC during the holidays. Maybe I should plan to go next year.

    Thank you for sharing these great photos. Such a treat!

  5. There truly is absolutely nowhere on the planet that goes so all out for Christmas as NYC is there? Loved, loved, loved reading this and oohing over all the photos. Thank you SO much for posting it - I can squint my eyes and pretend I am there myself. Opening night of Nutcracker?....oh heaven! Virginia xx

  6. Tabs - Seeing Kermit was very cool, the crowd roared when he appeared!

    Adrienne & Virginia - You're welcome! You would both love it. Oh and Virginia, I did make it to Fishs Eddy - didn't buy anything but it was so neat to look around the store at all the cool stuff. They still have the roosters there!

  7. Thanks for these gorgeous photos. It's almost like being there!

  8. Fiona - you're welcome! It was so great to see it all in person, definitely got me in the holiday spirit!