Friday, December 2, 2011

Had My Fill

Hello dearies, I've missed you all.  My NYC vacation has come to an end, it was fabulous.  Only one crappy flight from Minneapolis to Newark, mostly good weather (no snow) and lots of money well spent.  But as I've mentioned before, my beloved mattress at home is very important to me and I have necessary blog reading to catch up on. 

I've many stories and photos to share, it will take me a few posts to get through everything but I am pleased to report that my apartment stalking on the Upper East Side was a success and I found Jackie O's apartment building at 1040 5th Avenue.

 Random Notes:  Big Boots Day.  They were comfortable.  Different hair colour too.  Back to Brunette.  The cobalt coat made it for the trip.

After this photo was taken, one of those big hop-on, hop-off double decker tour buses pulled up by 1040 5th Ave and we heard the guide announcing on her microphone that they had indeed stopped in front of Jackie O's building.  Everyone pulled out their cameras and snapped photo after photo... other people apartment stalk too.

Best restaurant?  Ooh that's a toss up between Le Cirque and 21 Club, but I would give a slight edge for best food to Le Cirque (the dessert alone made my dinner experience sensational....Crepes Suzette with Sorbet) and the best dining experience to 21 Club.

Hubs really wanted to see the wine cellar at 21 Club, which houses all the restaurant's liquor these days and also did secretly during Prohibition.   I charmed our Bryan Ferry look-alike captain waiter (with the accent too) by first asking which table President Kennedy would sit at while dining back in the 50s and 60s (any one he wanted), then we were treated to a Jackie story ....when she and Onassis would dine at 21 Club, they would reserve three tables (we happened to be sitting at one of them) and they would sit in the middle of the three tables right in the corner so that no one would hear their conversations....well it's not like anyone would have heard Jackie's whispery voice anyway as the restaurant can get quite loud, but no chances were taken.

Then I poured on the LR magnificent charm and asked if it was at all possible to see the wine cellar....."why, of course" the Bryan Ferry look-alike replied.  Ten minutes later, we were walking through the kitchen and down the stairs to the wine cellar.  The plain entrance door can only be opened by a skinny meat skewer key.  The wine cellar was amazing.   Bottles of wine sitting on endless shelves, and a large table sitting in the middle of the room.

                       The large dining table people can reserve for private dining and parties.  Maybe next time.

Anyone seen the show Bored to Death on HBO?  We don't get HBO on our cable here unfortunately. We came across this show one night before lights out and we loved it in a weird, zany way.  Crazyville.

Then we watched a Woody Allen documentary, making me want to watch Annie Hall again.  I promise that we didn't spend our entire trip watching TV.   More to come....


  1. I saw that Woody documentary too and it was quite good....I never knew he has married Louise Lasser!

  2. Glad to hear you have arrived home safe and sound. Looking forward to more NY stories.

  3. When I went to NY in 2003, I went straight to Jackie's apartment and had a good old stare and then I went to all her favourite shops and did some speed walking around the resevoir just like she did...I'm sure I've posted a photo similiar to yours on my blog x

  4. Hostess - I never knew he married Louise Lasser either!

    Red Roses & Crystal - Thanks! I'm looking forward to more of your vacation stories too!

    Faux Fuchsia - Seeing Jackie's apartment and Upper East Side area was definitely a trip highlight! Thanks for commenting, love your blog.

  5. Sounding like an awesome trip...looking forward to hearing more. ~~Bliss

  6. can't wait for more!
    ps, you rock that cobalt coat!

  7. Sounds like you had an amazing trip! I can't believe you got into the wine cellar at 21 Club! Thanks for the photo. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

  8. Glad you enjoyed your trip to the city. Looking forward to seeing your photos!