Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Can't You Live Without? (material items, that is)

Byhillary had a great post on her blog today....what top ten things can't you live without?

My list includes:

1.  A good mattress. 

I've owned (just) okay mattresses before...nothing which completely satisfied me though.  When Hubs and I bought our house two years ago, we decided to splurge and buy a highly recommended and somewhat expensive memory foam from a local business here in town.  One of the best decisions we ever made!  It is so worth the money to buy a good mattress (or memory foam) to support your body and help you sleep better. 

2.  Library Card.

I'm sure others feel the same.  I go to my library at least once a week to peruse the books and DVDs, and I order books online all the time.  My local branch is 3 minutes away from my house, very convenient for me!

3.  Coffee.

Otherwise I would be very grumpy in the mornings (I am not really a morning person).  I love the taste and smell of coffee too.

4.  A laptop computer.

I just went through not having one for a month!  As nice as the mini-break was, I still missed the convenience of my laptop......everything was on there!

5.  Boots.

I'm definitely more of a boots gal than a heels gal, in case you didn't know that already! 

6.  My Itunes library/Music.

I'm sorely missing my Itunes music library, which is still on my old laptop.  But thank goodness for the CDs I still have, the music saved on my Ipod and Youtube videos.

7.  Scarves.

My favorite go-to accessory, especially in winter and on vacations.  Instantly spruces up an outfit with hardly any effort at all!

8.  A good eyeliner.

Some can't live without mascara, I can't live without a good eyeliner.   It instantly perks up my eyes.

9.  A garage to park the car in.

Especially during -40 Canadian winters.  Enough said.

10.  A bathtub.

I love taking showers and baths and couldn't possibly live without a bathtub.  One of my friends used to rent basement suites, the last three didn't have a bathtub... only a tiny shower stall in the bathroom.  

What's on your must have list?


  1. What a great idea! I have to think about my "can't live without" list.

    I agree with most of yours - especially the mattress. laptop and the library card.

  2. I love the idea of a library card on your list. Such a clever idea, a library, I wonder who came up with it in the first place? I'll have to go to the library to look it up!!

    Coffee would be on my list too - maybe hovering up near the top numbers. I would also have to add music, gardens, friends, family, theatre, architecture, books, good wine, good food. Virginia xx

  3. Great post! I am with you, for me my list would include a great mattress (love my pocket coil one right now), coffee, great fitting/comfy shoes, a good watch, a good laptop, a good dishwasher, and a good couch. Thanks for sharing!

  4. A great mattress, hot running water, mascara, moisturizer, a good book, sparkling water, a down duvet, someone I love to cuddle up with...and my cat Pepper!

  5. Hello:
    We are absolutely at one with you over the bath which, unfashionably, we much prefer to a shower and would not wish to be without, as we are over books and the importance of being able to access them at all times.

  6. I'm horrible with these kinds of lists. But I'm pretty sure life would suck without my laptop and daily dose of latte ;-) And perfume, and books and and and ...

  7. Oooh:

    1. Central heating
    2. An electric blanket - on all year - I have problems with the cold!
    3. Hot water.
    4. Coffee with double cream
    5. Trees outside my windows.
    6. my Mac
    7. Chillies or Tabasco or cayenne
    8. The husband - group awwwww!

  8. ooh, good idea. I agree with coffe (does that include an oversized ceramic mug?)

    I agree on the mattress and hope to someday soon invest in a new one.

    Laptop (with netflicks and internet connection) MUST.

    I need to do some pondering about the rest...I'm thinking hair dryer is going to be pretty high up on the list.

  9. Excellent question. Certainly gave me pause to think about those important creature comforts.

    1. Green tea - I only drink coffee on vacation or business trips. When in Europe I'm a sucker for espresso or cappuccino and there is real withdrawal when I get home.

    2. Great shoes and by that I mean shoes, boots and sandals. Quality over quantity is my motto when it comes to shoes and I very seldom cheap out just for looks.

    3. Scarves, which I wear almost daily year-round. I have a huge collection that used to be tucked into drawers and woven baskets but now has its very own chest of drawers. And it is almost full.

    4. Pencil skirts. Because they fit and flatter my figure and I love the classic look.

    5. My laptop. DH has every current Apple offering and they are OK but I can make my laptop sing and dance.

    6. Jane Iredale cosmetics, L'Occitane, Perricone and Sisley skin care. I love the feel of these products and the visible results. I'm a bit of a skin care junkie.

    7. Audible.com because I spend a lot of time driving to/from the country/city and back each week, this is an easy way to catch up on my reading list and not break the "distracted driving law".

    8. Herman Miller Embody chair. I have one in my office at work and with all the hours I spend working at home I had to get the same support and comfort here. Worth every cent IMO. Great for those never-ending work days.

    9. The blogosphere. I'd be crushed if suddenly I could no longer connect with all the fabulous bloggers out there giving their perspective on life and the things that interest them. I'm chained to a desk for most of the work week and what a great way to catch up on topics, see what people are wearing and wanting or just drop a line, voice my opinion. Thank heaven for the internet.

    10. Indoor parking. I'm with you on this one, I'm not about to scrape icy windows or brush off snow if I don't have to and if valet parking is available then by all means fetch my car and warm it up while you're at it!

  10. I fully agree with good mattress. I am like the Princess and the Pea when it comes to that and I really want a good top of the line mattress no matter what.
    Also agree with good mascara. I love a very thin line and that takes a good brand.

  11. I love hearing about everyone's must-haves, thanks for the great comments everyone! And how could I have forgotten a dishwasher - thanks for the reminder, Closet Crisis!! I LOATHE washing/drying dishes by hand. LOATHE. Meaning that I will gladly take on any kind of cleaning job before that one!

    And of course I couldn't live without Hubs :)

    p.s. Thanks for the shout-out Annie!

  12. Great list. I've just recently started using my library card and am loving it.

  13. Great list. I agree with most of it. I'm more of a shower person, me, the longer the better, so my combi-boiler that gives unlimited hot water on demand (one of my less than frugal habits).

    My family's old furniture - my living and dining room furniture belonged to my maternal grandmother. The desk as which I now sit came from my Dad's parents' house. My houses have to suit my furniture, not the other way around.

    I think I would now struggle not to living within walking distance of beautiful places - a park, a river, a sea. Mountains would be good, too, but we don't have any around here.

    Also, I love living in a pedestrian society, that is being able to walk most places; along with that I think I now need public transport as a viable option.

    I can do without eyeline or mascara, but I don't see me living without moisturiser and an eyebrow pencil.

  14. Shelley - your list is great too, thanks for commenting! sounds like you have some great furniture!