Monday, November 7, 2011

That Woman!

Spotted this article on The New York Times website the other day.  Anne Sebba has penned a new book, That Woman: the Life of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor.  The controversial former Duchess of Windsor continues to fascinate (and irritate) people long after her death.

                                                         Credit:  Conde Nast Archive

While scrolling through the article, I discovered that the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were married on the same day Hubs and I were, June 3rd!  That Woman!  (Wallis continues to be blamed, this time for an event which occurred 20 years after her death...)

                                                           Credit:  Keystone/Getty Images

Oh I suppose there are worse things than sharing your wedding anniversary with a couple who caused such scandal (and whom actually remained married for 35 years, Mrs. Simpson's longest marriage!  Alright, who cares anymore?  3rd marriage was the charm!)

Mrs. Simpson definitely rivaled Elizabeth Taylor for love of jewels.  Can you imagine Wallis parading around town wearing this brooch?

                                                               Credit:  Sothebys

Actually, she did.  

                                           The happy couple and the brooch!
                                                         (Apparently the dogs were left at home) 
Credit:  Bettman Corbis

Will Wallis Simpson be portrayed in the book in a new light, and perhaps as possibly a heroine in exile?  I'm anxious to find out!


  1. The real scandal was their connections to Hitler during the war. There are some very good books on that also. British intelligence said she spent time in Chinese "singing houses" in the 20's which are houses of ill repute. Interesting life to be sure!
    I will have to read this book.

  2. Oh I have to get my hands on this book LR. The Duchess is a facinating character for sure and I've never been able to decide if I like her or not!
    Annie xx

  3. Would be a fabulous Christmas present, methinks, this book. Just the kind of thing to read over the holidays, when one can go "tut, tut" or "did you know?" to other vacationing sorts. I would love this in my Christmas stocking. Are you going to read it?

    And I keep forgetting to say how much I like your new blog header. Elegant and snappy. Virginia xx

  4. Annie - I've heard about Wallis visiting the "singing houses"....I am definitely going to buy this book when it comes out! She and the Duke definitely chose some interesting company to hang out with.

    Red Roses - I feel the same! Wallis was always so controversial (I've always been interested in the lives of controversial people)...however she definitely never made it easy for people to like her or relate to her like say Jackie O or Audrey did, etc even Coco Chanel.

    Virginia - Thank you! And I am for sure reading this book, it would be the perfect gift! I read online that there is another book coming out about Wallis, and Madonna did a movie about Wallis and Prince Edward (not sure if I want to see that one though!)

  5. As soon as I saw your blog title in my reader I knew what this post was going to be about. Such is the power of words... this book is on my holiday to read list too! Apparently the movie Madonna made about her life is only worth watching for the sets and costumes, so hey, sign me up!

  6. CC - well, I am a sucker for good sets and costumes...perhaps I will have to give Madonna's effort a try!

  7. My dad is quite a monarchist so I learned the who's who of the Royal Family at a very early age. I was always struck by Wallace...who names a girl Wallace?! No wonder she lived her life as though there was a chip on her shoulder. Wallace.

  8. Laura - I guess she preferred Wallis over Bessie? lol

  9. I am fascinated by her and must read this book! They did seem to be very much in love. I must say her wedding dress was not very flattering at all!

  10. They are definitely an intriguing couple...I may have to check out this book.

    I love your new header on the blog. Way to highlight some of the city's amazing architecture. One of my favorite cities to visit is Chicago. Some people love to go there for shopping--I love to go to look at the buildings and enjoy the Art Institute. Haven't made it there yet this year and I am feelin' it.

  11. Pat - the wedding dress wasn't at all flattering indeed, I agree!

    Stepping - thank you! I would love to visit Chicago someday, several co-workers of mine have gone there and just love it! I adore architectural details.

  12. I would be very interested in reading the book - I recently saw a program that said her true love was her second husband and she felt trapped with the Duke - who knows - fascinating woman x

  13. F & F - definitely, I would love to have seen that program, maybe it is on youtube!

  14. I saw a television programme about this book here in England a couple of months ago. It certainly does cast Wallis in a different light, but I won't give the book away. Come to think of it, I may add this book to my Christmas wish list...

    If you like reading about the aristocracy, you might enjoy Anne de Courcey's The Viceroy's Daughters. One of them married 'Fruitey' Metcalfe, supposedly the Duke of Windsor's best friend.

    Although Wallis created quite the scandal when she swiped the King, I think she did Britain a real favour.

    Madonna's film - whatever it's faults - had bad timing, coming out about the time of this book, given that she apparently took a completely different angle on the couple, one that doesn't seem to have gone over very well.

    I look forward to hearing what you think of the book.