Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tell Me About Yourself

While I was on my laptop/blogging hiatus during October, Jill from Everything Just So awarded me with the "Tell Me About Yourself" award -- thanks Jill!

So here's seven random facts about me:

1. Hubs and I are 9 years apart in age; I met him when I was just shy of 20 and he was just shy of scandalous of us!  Besides both of us being a) January babies; b) passionate about history, NYC and anything 1980s; c) introverts; and d) having the same tastes in music, humour and travel........we are each the youngest born in our families and grew up as only children, really.  Have both survived being at that dreaded "in-between" age when no one else is the same age as you, cousins included....everyone is either a decade or two older or younger than you.  Hubs is one in a million. 

2. My favorite show when I was 6 years old was Mission Impossible (the series with Thaao Penghlis....remember him?)  I was devastated when the series was cancelled!

3.  I love to watch curling.  You may scoff and laugh, I don't mind. 

4.  My one and only visit to Europe was back in April 1998 at age 15.  I learned more history on that vacation than I ever did in school; and it was on that trip that I started drinking coffee and realized how tough I was by (barely) controlling my motion sickness across the choppy English Channel on that dreaded ferry ride to France, and driving through Paris rush-hour traffic with my cousins on the way to the Eiffel Tower for Mom's birthday supper.  Oy.  I still get queasy thinking about those commutes.  
5. I met figure skater Elizabeth Manley at a figure skating show in 1992 (she won the Olympic silver medal in Calgary in 1988); I still have the autographed skating program.   Mom, Dad and I were the last ones invited backstage to meet the cast and I was so in awe that I barely uttered a word to Ms Manley (and she was my favorite skater!) 

6.  I have an angel tattoo on my back, which I had done at the plucky age of 19.  Almost 10 years later, I still love angels but things have changed drastically in my life and attitudes change...I'm now in the process of having the tattoo removed by laser (let's just say it is no walk in the park).....future blog post forthcoming about that! 

7.  I made a yummy leek tart for supper tonight.  Big hit with Hubs.  I only started eating leeks this year.....what took me so long?  

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading and commenting!


  1. Hello:
    We did not for one moment imagine you as anything other than very individual, and this post confirms it!! Wonderful. As for the leek tart, positively delicious.

    Jó hétvégét!

  2. I've only started eating leeks this year too, thanks to Dani BP's leek and egg tart, they are so tasty.
    As for sea sickness, I cannot step on a boat without first having gulped Stugeron.

  3. Exciting to meet Elizabeth Manley and being tongue tied! Ha Ha

    Love your leek tart - will try it

    Helen xx

  4. Wonderful. I enjoyed reading about you.Have a glorious weekend.

  5. Great post! I love watching curling too!

  6. Thanks for sharing LR, it's fun to learn about fellow bloggers.
    Thought I recognised Thaao's name, wonder what he's doing now (was he on Days of our Lives)?
    Annie xx

  7. Hattatts - thank you! You two are great!

    Tabs - I always have to pack along ginger tea and gin-gin candies on flights, which I think helps somewhat.

    Helen - I have always regretted barely saying a word to Liz Manley! I wanted to tell her how she should have won in Calgary, who cares about Katarina Witt, etc (LOL)...maybe one day I can rectify that!

    Annie - thanks, you too!

    Closet Crisis - thanks! I have an insider scoop on curling as one of my co-workers is a curling fanatic and her daughter curls competitively (her team is one of the top 5 or 6 in the province), so I always get the curling scoop from her. She knows many of the curlers personally through her daughter.

    Red Roses - you know, I think you're right, he was on Days of Our Lives! I'll have to look that up!