Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Booties and Bottoms

....J Brand Jeans Bottoms, that is!  As I had happily reached my allotted savings quota for New York recently, I was able to make two thrilling purchases which shall serve me well. Aquatalia by Marvin K 'Royal' Weatherproof booties (mine were bought at Nordstrom), and J Brand Skinny Stretch Jeans in Hewson (black) wash (also from Nordstrom).  Here's a photo of my new booties and bottoms (please pardon the amateurish quality and my drapey grandfather sweater):

The boots are black suede, very soft and supple.  I think they look very sleek and Hubs thinks they look hot.  ;)  Guess that means I'm packing them for the trip!  lol  The heel is 3 1/2 iches with a 1/2 inch platform, rubber sole.  Initially the heel height made me a little hesitant about buying them; but after reading the favourable online reviews, I decided to try them out and judge for myself.  After wearing the boots at work for a full day to break them in, my feet hardly hurt by the end of the day... which impressed me.  These boots are here to stay!

The Duchess of Cambridge has the same boots, in brown.   She wore the boots back in February:


Here's a close-up photo:

Well worth the money, the boots are a great investment.  The boots are made in Italy and the quality is superb.  I am particularly interested to see how the boots fare come winter, as they are weatherproof.  If  the boots hold up after traipsing around in the brutal Canadian snow and ice for 6-7 months, I will be duly impressed (and will be buying a second pair of Aquatalia boots!)
Now on to the J Brand Jeans.  LOVE them.  I have never had a pair of jeans fit me this well before!   My sentiments echo the many others who are devoted to J Brand Jeans.  
The jeans are a flattering mid-rise stretch, snug fit.  Nice smooth lines, no annoying do-up button sticking out and no hitching up sagging jeans after being seated for a long period of time. The jeans stay put!  I love how the back of the jeans are slightly rounded up, so there is no ridiculous gap.  The length is perfect for me, the inseam is 29 inches.  No bagging or bunching around the ankles, knees or thighs.  Although I am quite tall, I don't particularly need a longer inseam for pants and jeans as I have a longer torso.  I plan to wear these jeans with my Aquatalia boots, tucked into tall boots (I've already done this look twice) or with ballet flats.  Again, well worth the investment, I am hoping to buy another pair of J Brand Jeans soon.  

I also lucked out with the sizing.  Sometimes it is hit and miss buying items online and trying to guess appropriate sizing, particularly with brands I am not familiar with.  I bought the Aquatalia boots in a size 10, which fit me somewhat snugly, but I could still wear a thicker sock in winter and get away with it.  The J Brand Jeans are a size 31, which is a fairly consistent size for me, and it fits very well.  

Any Aquatalia/J Brand Jeans fan club stories to share?


  1. Hello:
    Most stylish. Most elegant. Most you. We are sure that you will have enormous pleasure out of wearing these new purchases.

  2. Yes to J Brand, they are the only jeans that fit my thighs properly and they never bag, my figure looks 100 times better in J Brand jeans than any others I have.
    The boots look great, I have a new three inch maximum heel rule, I'm over hobbling.

  3. Those J Brand jeans really are flattering...and those boots are quite lovely. I hesitate to buy suede as we get so much rain.

    Nice to know that you have you NY nest egg ready!

  4. Cute boots and they look great with the jeans. Nice choices.
    I just can no longer wear heels. Oh how i miss that!

  5. You have scored two great purchases and so great that you like them even more having worn them
    Wear in good health
    Helen xx

  6. I love these boots! They just scream elegance - so I bet they make you feel the same. A comfortable and chic boot is worth paying more for, because in the end they last so much longer than a cheap pair - balances out the cost I reckon.

    Snow for 6-7 months....I am still reeling over that idea....Virginia xx

  7. Love the jeans and the boots! Might need the boots! xo

  8. Loving the boots LR and I must check out this J Brand jean. I have terrible trouble getting jeans which fit perfectly.
    Annie xx

  9. Thank you everyone for your kind comments! Wearing the boots again today at work! :)