Saturday, November 5, 2011

Are You Being Served?

Last night's supper fare served:  grilled cheese and red wine.  (It was Friday evening and I was feeling rather non-ambitious).

Mr. Humphries wants to know if you are being served? 

Hyacinth Bucket ("It's Bouquet!!!!") would like to offer you a prune surprise or a yachting adventure:

In the words of Richard, don't forget to write! ;)


  1. I love the English comedy shows.They are always so uplifing and funny

  2. Boy do I get a chuckle out of these old English comedies. They are such a snapshot of social history too -- fascinating to see how attitudes have changed, although the characters' personalities are still so relevant today. I think we all know a Hyacinth or two...

    Grilled cheese and red wine?... my kind of supper! Virginia xx

  3. I love your new header, it's so artistic.
    I love both of them, they remind me of being young, and sitting with my mum and dad on Saturday nights, eating that amazing 70's revolutionary treat - a Chinese take away!

  4. Oh I'l always think it's funny how we say toasted cheese and you say grilled cheese, I say Hyacinth would call it grilled cheese just to be fancy, don't you?

  5. Hello:
    Alas no television! What are we missing?!!

  6. I loved watching all of these shows when I was a kid - they always played reruns on PBS. Looking at them now, some of them are terribly un-PC but still very funny. Thanks for the flashbacks!

  7. Helen - British comedy is the best!

    Virginia - I definitely know a to keep the identity of that person anonymous though... ;)

    B & P - Thanks! Oh yes, Hyacinth would surely serve grilled cheese on her Royal Doulton (with the hand painted periwinkles)

    Hattatts - No worries, there's always Youtube! :)

    Louise - I still watch the reruns on PBS religiously and find the lost episodes on Youtube. I am waiting for 'The Old Guys' to start airing again, Clive Swift is in it -- he played Richard on KUA. Hilarious show!