Sunday, November 6, 2011

50 Words for Snow

The snow has now arrived.....I can think of fifty words to describe snow, given that we experience so much of it each winter.  Before Christmas, cold and unwanted.  During the Christmas season, lovely and picturesque.  January til spring?  Dreadful and overstaying its welcome like clingy hangers-on.  Treacherous when paired with ice. 

On a worthwhile note, however, I was delighted to learn Kate Bush is coming out with a new album on November 21, 2011 - the curiously titled 50 Words for Snow.  Kate Bush's music is a journey for me as a listener.  Truth be told, I hardly ever like her songs after one listen.  It usually takes me 3-4 listens before I get it.  And then I LOVE it.   Maybe one day, Kate will come out of her 30+ year performing hiatus (aside from very rare concert appearances) to do a series of one-off concerts or a world tour?  Maybe with Peter Gabriel?  Or David Gilmour?


Hounds of Love (1985) is my favorite Kate Bush album; Hounds of Love is my favorite Kate song - I feel her voice was at her strongest here.  

And from Never for Ever, the chorus from Babooshka plays in my head for days afterwards...

I warned you!  


  1. Hello:
    Gosh, thoughts of snow already sends a little shiver up our spines. When the snow comes here, as surely it will, it is always DEEP, very DEEP and so dry that it looks as if washing powder has been sprinkled everywhere.

    Stay warm listening to the hot chocolate of Kate Bush's voice!

  2. Where are you? On the Eastern Seaboard?
    Snow is not forecast yet for our Pacific Northwest weather...

    Loved Kate Bush in her day and good to hear that she has some new stuff coming out.

  3. I really don't want any snow until three days before Christmas!

    My friend looked like Kate Bush when we were 17, all the boys loved her.

  4. Hattatts - We get deep snow here too - never a welcome sight.

    Hostess - I'm on the prairies, so it is really nothing new about snow coming early!

    Tabs - Me neither, the only time we did not have snow at Christmas was either Christmas 1996 or 1997 (the el nino year). Otherwise we put up with dumps and dumps of it!

  5. Your description of snow - my thoughts exactly and Kate Bush - oh big love x

  6. I love snow. It is one of my favorite things ever, I think. I instantly turn into a kid when I see snow!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. F & F and Bonnie - Happy Snow Day from the Canadian Prairies! ha ha!