Monday, October 3, 2011

Out of Commission

Unfortunately, my laptop decided to die on the weekend, so we have taken it in to the shop to be properly diagnosed and (maybe) fixed.  Hopefully my photos and music files can be recovered and who knows, I might even get a new laptop if the old one has crapped out forever!  (Thank goodness for warranty)....

So, until then I won't be able to post and comment much on here, but I'll try to be back posting soon!  :)  Will try to keep up with the blogs I follow too.  Thanks everyone! 


  1. Oh that's the worst, my desktop died and I only just got everything moved over, I was so relieved that I hadn't lost all of my music and pics, which reminds me, I still need to get the back up whatever it is.

    OK don't be gone too long!

  2. We'll be here when you get back up and running.
    Good luck with the restoration of your photos and data.

  3. Well that stinks! How frustrating for you. I hope your lappy is fixed without too much time and money spent....or maybe you'll be telling us about your brand new shiny one soon.

  4. Awful. I do hope you can't save your photos and music.
    Hopefully this is a short hiatus.

  5. Oh how frustrating for you LR but I suppose that is a trait of computers...they are contrary.
    See you back here soon.

  6. Oh no! Computers can be the greatest and most infuriating things on earth! Hope you're back up and running soon xx

  7. Boo hiss! I hope you get your computer up and running soon. So frustrating. When you return, I would love to read 7 random things about you as part of 'Tell Me About Yourself' blog award, which I am passing along to you. XO, Jill