Friday, October 28, 2011

Fun Friday

Alas, Friday is finally here!  This work week has been quite stressful, so I am grateful for the opportunity to veg this weekend around the comforts of home (with some Halloween candy, perhaps?)

After hearing how wonderful Downton Abbey is from many bloggers, I finally ordered the DVD last week, received it this week....and am I ever glad I ordered it.  I LOVE THIS SERIES!  Maggie Smith is absolutely hilarious, her Emmy win was well deserved and I enjoyed all of the acting, sets and costumes.   Wonderful show.

Last weekend, hubs and I went to see An Evening with William Shatner.  Hubs is a massive Star Trek fan, as well he finds Shatner's antics and spoken word CD releases hilarious.  We decided at the last minute to buy the cheap seats (3rd balcony); however upon picking up our tickets from the box office, we were offered upgraded tickets on the floor, about 5 rows back from the stage (behind all the 50 year old VIPs and the Star Trek nerds...hehehe)  Hubs was so thrilled with the upgrade.  Normally I put up with "everything Shatner" for Hubs' sake, but I have to admit Shatner is a hilarious storyteller and is quite entertaining.  The show was similar to Behind the Actor's Studio, the host asked Shatner questions about his life and career.  As amusing as most stories were, it wasn't all fun and games.  Shatner told some emotional stories about his family, his second wife, his horses, facing his own mortality...very good show. 

My favorite part of the show was when he talked about making people laugh and he almost failed miserably at a tribute to George Lucas...however his skit was very well-received, especially when George Lucas starting laughing, then everyone else did too: (p.s. Carrie Fisher looks horribly botoxed!!)

I nearly died laughing at this video. So funny!!

Have a good weekend!


  1. I met Shatner years ago when he was far younger. What a handsome man he was and still is really.
    Glad to hear you had a great time.

  2. Count me as a fan. He's HILARIOUS, and he sure has some stories to tell, fella has lasted a long time in this industry.

  3. Hi ER, it's nice to see you back posting.
    As for Carrie, I remember reading a book she wrote (many years ago) and it was a great laugh, she's a funny lady.
    Annie xx

  4. Glad to see you again!
    Isn't William Shatner the best/worst in the world! Did you see the Futurama episode where he started doing a spoken work version of Slim funny

  5. Oh he was one of my first crushes in my childhood Star Trek days. Oh I knew you'd love Downton Abbey, I've got a weekend of classical concerts, I love that I am actually getting out this winter.

  6. Annie - It was fantastic! He looks great for 80 years old!

    CC - He is definitely a legend and he really is a good businessman also. I laughed so hard at the show!

    Red Roses - Thanks! :)

    Laura - Thanks! Oh he is. I will have to look up that episode! Hubs is rooting for Shatner to do a remake of Britney Spears's Oops I Did it Again...wouldn't that be something!!

    BP - I adore the show, I watched 4 episodes in one day! Enjoy your concerts!

  7. There is absolutely nothing, nothing, nothing like a live performance really, is there? Having said that, these historical dramas are pretty wonderful too. I resisted Downton Abbey for a few weeks (thinking it had been ruined for mainstream tv watching) but succumbed, loved it and became hooked. It's just no good trying to resist these historical things! I am a sucker for the clothes, the manners, the settings, the houses, the cars/ horses. Oh dear...Virginia xx

  8. Glamour Drops - I love live performances as well. I'm especially looking forward to the shows we've booked for NYC....will reveal what they are in an upcoming post! I love all the detail which went into the production and planning of Downton Abbey, I find it all fascinating! And I love how everyone wrote letters to each other back then!

  9. I adore Downton and a total trekkie - sounds pretty damn fab viewing xx

  10. Isn't Downton Abbey wonderful? I cannot WAIT for the second season. It was playing when I was in England and I had to cover my eyes and ears because I wanted to watch the whole thing properly from the comfort of my own home (and I wasn't there long enough to see the entire second season- that would just be torturing myself) ha! Hope you have a great week xo