Monday, October 31, 2011

Bright Fast Shiny & New

After being informed by the well-meaning morons at Best Buy that our old laptop was not covered under warranty because of some "spillage" that had mysteriously occurred (which I deem to be suspect, as there was nothing spilled on it or near it when the laptop died); we decided to buy a new simple laptop, this one being a Samsung Notebook.  While I do miss my red Gateway laptop (mostly because of the colour); my new laptop is bright, fast, shiny and new.  All is well with my world again...

New York City is on my brain nearly full-time now, a mere three weeks to go until vacation!   Hopefully the snow from the latest weekend storm will be melted by then (interesting to note NYC got snow before we did!)  Last year right before Halloween, we got a nasty snowstorm which then turned to ice and our car was stuck on the street for almost a week.  When the snow/ice melted enough to move the car, our neighbour then hit our car while parking her car on the street!  Not a fun time.  

Anyway, last week Hubs and I booked our Broadway tickets to Private Lives starring Kim Cattrall and Paul Gross, I am very much looking forward to that show!  I think Kim Cattrall will be amazing to see in live theatre.  We also booked tickets to The Nutcracker ballet. I saw the ad in The New York Times last week, announced to Hubs that I wanted to go as I've never attended a ballet before (and I wanted to have a Christmassy vacation) and found tickets for the opening night on November 25, 2011 at Lincoln Center.  Booked and done!

Off to hand out treats....that is, after saving most of the Wunderbars for myself.  Yes, my bad.  :)

Happy Halloween!


  1. Sounds like a fun trip in the making. How great you have reservations made.
    Enjoy your wonderful visit to NYC

  2. I love the Nutcracker, and how awesome it is you made resos! Kim Catrall and Paul Gross on the same stage! That's an All-Canadian cast :) Feeling your excitement, have fun with the rest of your preparations!

  3. Hello:
    How really wonderful your trip to New York sounds and your two planned outings to the theatre for the ballet and 'Private Lives' [such a fun play] seem to us to be perfect. In the nicest possible way we are a little envious for New York is very much on our list of places we hope, one day, to visit.

    In the meantime, we do hope that the snow will have cleared or, at worst, not be a nuisance.

  4. NYC is so much fun and attending a Broadway plan and The Nutcracker, what an awesome trip. I hope the weather is perfect.

    Most electronics now have moisture-sensitive material inside that will change color when the item comes in contact with *any* moisture. Technicians look at that as soon as they open your device. The moisture may have happened at another time and may not have been the cause of the failure, but if there is any indication, it does void the warranty.

  5. Helen - Thank you! 22 days left! :)

    Closet Crisis - I think the Cattrall/Gross pairing is genius! So glad we nabbed tix!

    Hattatts - Good to hear from you! I too hope the snow is gone by the time we go, we definitely want to take walks and stroll through Central Park.

    XOXO - Thanks for the moisture explanation - will have to advise Hubs. The guy at Best Buy made it sound like there was so much 'spillage' as if we dumped a full glass of water on it or something...grrr!

  6. LR, love your blog, I am following now. You are totally gorgeous BTW. Such luminous porcelain skin and auburn hair. Label = Magnificent.