Thursday, September 22, 2011

Two More Months!

Two more months until holidays in my favorite city!

                          photo taken on 2010 vacation while on A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour

As I mentioned here, I have my must dos for this upcoming vacation.  Over the past few years, I've been asked by people what to do and see while in New York City.  There's something for everyone, I say!

So My Top 10 includes:

1.  Dinner and drinks at 21 Club.  Old World New York in an evening, and an opportunity to dress up (....which gives me an excuse to buy a new dress in NYC!)  21 Club does have a dress code that must be strictly adhered to (i.e. guys must wear a jacket; jeans and sneakers are not permitted).  

2.  Go to a Broadway play or musical.  I've never seen a bad show, and the old theatres hold so much history (and stories) within their walls.

3.  Take a walk through Central Park.  If you go there in spring, summer or fall, pay $12 and rent rowboats for an hour on the lake.  Hubs and I have done this twice and both times were so much fun, good photo opps too.

4.  Take a tour of the New York Public Library on 5th Avenue (by Bryant Park); it's free and the architectural details, marble everything and book collections are amazing.  **

5.  Walk through Grand Central Terminal and explore the shops, grocery market, pick a place to eat at the Dining Concourse and have a cocktail at Campbell Apartment.

6.  Explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art on a Saturday morning before the crowds pick up, then walk along Museum Mile and explore the Upper East Side.

7.  If you can hack the crowds, go to Times Square at night.  The energy is quite something to experience.  For a quick reprieve from the madness, pop inside the Theatre Circle shop on W 44th Street (across from Majestic Theatre)...the store has Broadway souvenirs, music books, copies of plays, poetry, scripts, etc with rolling library ladders located throughout....very library-ish, I love it.

8.  Have a cocktail or two at a bar or lounge.  On our last vacation, we discovered M Bar at The Mansfield Hotel, which was located across the street from our hotel, The Iroquois, on W 44th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue.  It also has a library feel with bookshelves, very quaint, comfortable and unpretentious.  The cocktails and appetizers are very good.  

9.  The shopping, of course!  Do your homework before you go as to which stores to shop at and where they are located. 

10.  Buy a coffee or cocktail somewhere, sit down, sip away and people watch.  One of my favorite things to do in NYC.

I love hearing from others what their favorite haunts are (especially at Pat's Mille Fiori Favoriti blog!)  What is your must dos in New York City?

**As a side note, Hubs and I got NY Public Library cards for fun on our last trip.... after we arrived home, we realized we could do family tree research at the 5th Avenue Library because the library holds so many records.  So this time we plan to do some family ancestry research if we can ambitiously plan a day or so to do this.  Hubs' ancestors sailed to the US from the UK before moving to Canada; and my maternal grandma was born in Brooklyn before her family moved back to Poland.  She and my maternal grandpa later moved to Canada from Poland not long after they married.  It would be a major coup to find some family tree information, especially if we can nail down the exact years and details of what we are looking for!


  1. Oh I'm not a fan of NYC, it gives me the heebie jeebies, whenever I'm there I have a kind of nervous breakdown! The tall tall buildings make me feel really dizzy and cooped up and I always always start crying and want to book a flight home asap! The last time I was there I had to go down to the waterfront and lie on a bench for an hour. I think the world is divided into fans of NYC or LA, I'm the latter. But of course, you will have a fab time!

  2. Hello:
    We have never [or. should we say, have not yet] been to New York and your list of essentials sounds very exciting to us. Not wishing to fly, we toy with the idea of Cunard delivering us across the Atlantic for a few days since we are certain that we should find this a most fascinating city. We shall store all your suggestions carefully away for one day....!!

  3. I was born near Elizabeth NJ..just a few minutes outside the city and never saw the WTC, never was to the Empire State building..etc. Nothing.
    Been to museums on school trips long ago, the opera, plays and stayed at the Plaza, but that's all.
    I guess the opera is my favorite way to spend time in the city.

  4. ooh! have fun! I went to NYC for the first (and only) time 2 years ago and LOVED it.

  5. B & P - lol poor girl! I'm definitely in the NYC club for sure. Well, actually I've never been to LA so can't judge...but we did cancel our Cali trip this fall in favour of this trip, so... :)

    Hattatts - I've always wanted to travel by ship across the ocean, that would be such an experience!

    Annie - I want to see an opera in NYC one day, not sure if we will get to on this trip but one day for sure!

    Laura - Thanks, we will! I absolutely adore NYC!

  6. You are so kind to mention my blog as an inspiration...thank you!

    There is so much to see and do in NYC. Even though I've lived in the NYC borough of Brooklyn my entire life, there is still so much I'd like to do. Since NYC is mainly comprised of islands (except for the borough of the Bronx) I always suggest taking a boat ride of some sort when visiting NYC. The Circle Line has some wonderful tours, and going over to see the Statue of Liberty is always a wonderful ride (for busy summer months pre-buy the ticket online). The Staten Island Ferry is free, to and from that borough, and it also has a nice view of the Statue of Liberty and NY harbor.
    The weather will probably be too cold for a boat ride when you visit, but hopefully you will return many more times in the future.

  7. Pat - I love your blog! Actually on our last trip we did an evening Circle Line Cruise, but we'd like to go on a boat ride during the day as well. Thanks for the tip!

  8. NY is on my must visit list LR. It's funny because I know of quite a few people either in NY now or heading over later in the year.
    I'm sure you will have a smashing time and good luck with family history research. It can be incredibly frustrating.

  9. Oh i would so love to be going to NY - how utterly fab for you - i think it would be holiday perfection x

  10. Annie - thx! Oh I know all about the frustration, my Dad has spent years and years trying to gather family information and is fascinating once you find good info though!

    F & F - Holiday perfection is right! :)

  11. Thanks for this post, many great suggestions in here! By coincidence, my husband is taking me to NYC next weekend for my birthday so this is great timing. I am hitting the shops!!! ;-) I also like visiting Central Park and the Met.

  12. Louise - That's wonderful!! Have a great birthday in NYC! :)