Wednesday, September 14, 2011

That Bitter Pushy Prune!

"She was a prune........a bitter, kind of pushy, horrible woman." ....Jacqueline Kennedy, while speaking of Indira Ghandi.

Probably my favorite quote from the entire ABC Jacqueline Kennedy Special last night, how funny!  The Special gave a sneak peak into some of Jackie's thoughts, however Diane Sawyer glossed over most of the quotes and stories given by Mrs. Kennedy (I was none too impressed with Sawyer's interview and reporting skills, at least have someone like Barbara Walters to ask those probing questions and receive answers!)  Unfortunately, there were more commercials than content (as is always the case) and no real bombshells were revealed. 

No fear though, Hubs and I ordered the CD set from last night (found here), it can also be found at (found here).  I will give a full review once we are done listening to the recordings! 


  1. I was reading all of it over breakfast this morning - the Martin Luther KIng stuff was quite shocking, I can't wait to read more.

  2. It was a wonderful program. I loved every minute of it but there was not enough really.

  3. it's a shame the interview wasn't done better...Isn't Dian Sawyer the one who did that now infamous Sarah Palin interview where she nailed Palin on seeing Russia as an international relations qualification?

  4. Tabs - Isn't it? I can't wait to hear the tapes, sounds like she had quite the opinion about certain things! LBJ, King, Mamie Eisenhower, etc

    Annie - I did enjoy most of it but I agree, there should have been more excerpts and less commercials.

    Laura - I think it was Katie Couric who did the interview with Sarah Palin? hehe I remember that! Diane was more demure but I suspect she was treading lightly with Caroline Kennedy.

  5. I dont know about this but i am intriqued - looking forward to hearing more x