Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Pressing Issue

How do you fare in heels?  Did you learn to walk in them properly? 

I ask because there is one annoying issue which happens every day at the office.  

One of my co-workers, N, wears heels everyday, which at first I thought was splendid.  Good for her, she's being fashionable (especially when others wear crocs to the office)......and then the clomping started in full force.  Everyday.

N has that type of walk that pounds the floor and the floor actually vibrates when she walks around the office.  You can hear and feel your desk rattle.  N actually broke the heel of one of her shoes last week and was so surprised as to how she did it.  (I wasn't!)

Oh, what to do, what to say (or not say).  Especially when she's the boss's daughter!  


  1. Oh if she's the boss's daughter you are going to have to grin and bear it!

    I can't wear heels during the day, I plod like a duck in flats and am always amazed at how my much better my whole bearing is when I'm in heels.

  2. I don't think you will be able to say anything!

    I love heels, I would wear them all the time if I could, but they are not practical as I'm at home with the kids right now. When I'm at the office, I almost always wear heels but I don't stomp around in them!

  3. ooh, that's tough....and annoying! Clompers are a little bit of a pet peeve of mine, and really, there's nothing you can do about it.

  4. Everyone - Oh I know, it's a learn to live with it scenario! sigh The most ironic thing is everyone in the office tiptoes around her because of her office "status" so lame.

    Tabs - "plod like a duck in flats" I almost spit out my coffee while reading that! haha

    Louise - Good for you! I fare pretty well in heels but usually save them for evenings.

    Laura - Clompers are the worst! She definitely needs to refine her walking technique.

  5. Uh-oh, she is a no-go zone or it would be what my husband calls a CLM (career limiting move).

    But seriously, I think we should go back to giving girls lessons in how to walk in heels. They are only glamorous when a girl can actually drive them with a pilot's licence, or all too often it is the wobbly walk...

    For me, I am a heels girl, although climbing ladders on building sites in heels is a bit of a delicate maneuver, and many the day I curse my heels habit! I would love to be able to wear dainty little flats like other's do, but they make me feel like a duck in flats too!

  6. BF - I agree! Tutorials are necessary for sure. The stomping on a bug stride is not pleasant. You are my hero for wearing heels at building sites! :)

  7. Oh i am so smiling - best kept to yourself huh? My husband has a heavy walk - not in heels it has to be said - i literally find myself flung about the bed when he strides across the floor! I love heels, adore heels but you know what you have to be able to walk in them which i can even ridiculous ones but then the advent of age and my back told me not so much anymore so now i am a strictly evenings and fab occasions wearer - that or our fashion friend the super wedges - have a good weekend x

  8. F & F - oh how funny, I am totally picturing the scenario when your husband walks into a room and the impact! lol I adore wedges, I agree they are better for daytime.