Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Odds and Ends

Time for an odds and ends post as this week has been quite busy for me so far.....general musings ahead:

~ ABC's new show, Pan Am, will nicely fill the void until Mad Men returns next spring.  After comparing the two shows for the first ten minutes of the premiere on Sunday night, I then found myself intrigued with the storylines and quite enjoyed it (especially Kate's storyline!)

~ I made my way through half of the Jackie Kennedy tapes on the weekend.  I found that I couldn't really be doing anything that would generate noise while listening to the tapes (i.e. washing dishes, etc) as it would drown out Jackie's voice!  She is really quite soft spoken.  Hopefully I can make my way through the rest of the recordings this weekend!

~ Hubs was away on the weekend, so I relished the opportunity to test some new recipes before serving them to Hubs later.  I tried Easy Eggplant Parmesan - which was quite good, Salmon with Asparagus  - also delicious (usually Hubs cooks the fish when we have it, so cooking the salmon perfectly was a little victory for me), Bruschetta - yummy, and my favorite recipe out of the four I tried -- Beet Salad with Goat Cheese.  The recipe can be found here, it was delicious and easy.  Definitely a keeper!

~ Found Tatler magazine at Chapters on the weekend (I also treated myself to my first pumpkin spice latte of the season....and a carrot cake cupcake).   I'm tempted to hint to Hubs or family members about buying me a subscription to Tatler as a birthday or Christmas gift...far far better reading than Vogue!

~ And finally, I looked out my back window to the garden the other day to discover probably the last gladioli blooms of this year!  I just love the white flowers.

                                    yes, that is a glass of white wine sitting beside the vase


  1. I missed Pan Am...my husband would have tolerated it for about 5 seconds. Maybe I'll see if it's on On-demand since you like it.

    I don't cook a lick when my husband is away...good for you for trying out recipes. Last time he was away, I ate gelato for dinner two nights in a row - no joke.

  2. I must take a look at Tatler especially with your high praise.
    I do very little cooking when my husband is away...I prefer to eat light and things that he doesn't fancy.
    I watched Pan Am and was not overly impressed but will watch a few more episodes before deciding. I did love the retro fashions and the airport scene looked so vintage I felt like I was reliving my early flight experiences.

  3. I've heard good things about Pan Am- might try it out! Right now I'm watching season 1 of Downton Abbey on netflix and absolutely loving it. When my husband goes away I have fun eating absolutely everything I want (he is a picky eater so I don't often get to)... xo

  4. Sounds as if you are all fired up with enthusiasm! When my husband is away I tend to cook the dishes he hates - which mostly means Atlantic Salmon - yum! Sounds delicious with asparagus, which has just hit the markets here this week. Now where can I send him off to, so we can try out your lovely combination....

    I read an article which made me very keen to see the Pam Am series - even if just for the clothes and sets. But a good story line always helps, which I think is partly why Mad Men works as it has all 3.

  5. Adrienne - The episode should be online now and I think I saw on the TV Guide that the episode is airing again on Friday night too? Mmmm, gelato. This time I was ambitious with trying recipes but I've been known to have a jar of salsa and tortilla chips sometimes for supper if no one else is at home! :)

    Hostess - The September issue was quite witty and good and I also favored the fashion spreads in Tatler over the September US mag versions. I loved the retro fashions too in Pan Am.

    Daily Connoisseur - Good to know Downtown Abbey is on Netflix! I need to watch Eps 1 & 2. I recently found out the show airs on a cable channel we have but of course only after the first two episodes were shown, I started taping it at Episode 3.

  6. Blue Fruit - The Atlantic salmon would be wonderful! Some people aren't big on fish. Actually Hubs encouraged me to try more fish and seafood and now I like most choices...just not anything too fishy tasting or weird! :)

    Yes, a good storyline always helps! Normally pilot episodes usually either start off slow or the writers try to cram as much in as possible to establish the characters, but I like the way they started off this series.

  7. Hello:
    The trouble with magazine subscriptions we find is that although one might find a single issue of interest, it is so rarely the case for the rest of the year. Whilst Tatler does amuse from time to time, the only magazine we take in regularly is World of Interiors.

    Your single Gladiolus looks beautiful, we have warmed to them in recent years and, together with a treat of a glass of white wine, what could be nicer?

  8. Tatler is great read, hubs and I fight over it when it comes in!
    I think Pan Am is starting here, I'm not sure when but I'll definitely give it ago. And...I'm really envious of the pumpkin spiced lattes everyone's talking about we don't get them in Starbucks here.

    Oh fish and seafood makes me shudder!

  9. Not exactly sure when Pan Am will reach our screens but I do love any show set in this era.
    When my husband is away dinner is a pretty slap dash affair, nachos being a favourite.

  10. sounds pretty damn fab to me - i wish i could find more enthusiasm for cooking - i love good food - i just hate all the mess and never seem to have the time although i do cook everthing from scratch it is always such a chore x


  11. What a lovely vignette you created in that photo. Very pretty.
    Yes, you have to have quiet to hear her speak. She had a very refined voice, breathy too.

    Your post has made me hungry.....

  12. Hattatts - Please pardon my awful English! (gladiolus, gladioli...) However the flowers are so pretty to look at! World of Interiors...I wonder if I could find the magazine at Chapters (they carry many magazines from abroad, thankfully!)

    B & P - I take it you're not in the fish/seafood club either? lol You would love the pumpkin spice lattes, so good.

    Red Roses and Crystal - Love nachos too! In fact, I may make them for supper tonight :)

    F & F - I am getting better with cooking too, but I also despise the mess cooking creates! I am awful for using too many bowls, pots and pans for a single recipe!

    Annie - Thanks! Jackie's voice is very soft and you really have to pay attention to the pronunciation of some of her words. That said, I would rather listen to her voice any day than how most teenagers speak today (lazy nasal voice).

  13. I agree about Pan Am! I think it shall work until Mad Men returns! It really was great. Happy weekend to you! xx