Monday, September 5, 2011

Jackie Tells All

I will have my PVR set to record Diane Sawyer's interview with Caroline Kennedy on September 13, 2011; airing on ABC.  Hopefully the interview will be shown worldwide.  Caroline's new book, Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy, will be released the day after.  

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis recorded a series of interviews with Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. in early 1964 after JFK's assassination, then requested to have the tapes and transcripts sealed until 50 years after her death.  It is suspected by the media that Caroline is releasing the tapes early in exchange for ABC not airing The Kennedys series, which was still viewed worldwide earlier this year on different networks.

I am most interested to find out if Jackie does mention who she believed was behind the assassination, as reported by The Daily MailHubs and I believe the conspiracy theories out there that LBJ was involved (as well as other cronies....the information out there is STAGGERING) ....wouldn't that be something if Jackie admitted the same? 


  1. Hello:
    Where have we been to have missed all of this? Conspiracy theories always seem to surround those who die at an early age whilst at the height of their popularity [or infamy]but they do make ripping yarns!!! Keep us posted.

  2. Oh I hope this comes on over here, I always consider conspiracy theories ripping yarns as well! Have the Hattatts not just gifted me my phrase of the week or what?

  3. LOL you three are hilarious! 'Ripping yarns', I love it. I am going to try that one on Hubs later. hehe

    I will definitely write a follow-up post next week!

  4. I watched a bit of the Kennedy's while in France, dubbed in French, no less. Was completely fascinated by Jackie O, still am a bit, by her ladylike style and life story. Have unsubscribed to cable, so will have to read reviews and blogs when the interview finally airs. Keep us posted!

  5. CC - I will! I actually enjoyed most of The Kennedys Series, the actors who played Bobby and Joe Sr. were awesome.

  6. I adore a jolly good conspiracy theory! Makes life terribly interesting so I shall look forward to your review in case this interview is not aired in Australia.