Thursday, September 1, 2011

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Just like Cyndi.  One of my favorite movies listed below even has the same name!  I grew up during the mid to late 1980s and early 1990s but I have always been an 1980s girl.  I really should have been born a generation earlier; I could have gotten up early to watch Princess Di's wedding in 1981 (and the "whatever love means" interview with Prince Charles), dressed up as Cyndi Lauper for Halloween in 1983 (as my Sis did), snuck out of the house to see Footloose at the theatre in 1984, gotten up early during summer vacation to watch the Live Aid Concert from London in 1985, graduated from high school in 1986 and worn a frilly teal or pink dress for the prom, complete with poufy wavy hair and a huge hair comb with hanging pearls.  Or worn a Madonna outfit with blonde hair and dark roots just like Michele and Romy did.

Alas, I live vicariously through the movies, which I can watch over and over again.  Here's my top ten favorites for the ultimate cheese-fest:

10.  Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

I think I still have VHS tape kicking around somewhere.  You will never hear the word dude so much in your life as you will in this movie.  The character of Napoleon was played perfectly. 

9.  Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Janey's best friend Lynne is the best.  Who else would let help Janey get all the glory at the end?  Show Nat the Brat a thing or two.

                check out the old school Pepsi can on the end table and Lynne's hair clips

8.  Beaches

Uptight + Sass and the Wind Beneath My Wings.  Perfect combination.

7.  Steel Magnolias

The wedding scene when Ouiser cuts the tail off the Armadillo groom's cake as a cake piece for Drum kills me every time.  All the ladies in this movie are fabulous. 

6.  Fletch and Fletch Lives

I am sure some Fletch diehard fans will be scorning me for lumping these two movies together as my #6 pick.  These two movies are absolutely zany and hilarious; I still laugh at the one-liners and ridiculous situations.

                                                   "Yah..........hug a cop!"

                                             "Praise the Lord, healed!!"
5.  Pretty In Pink

Duckie reigns supreme.  Blaine who?  Steff who?

4.  Footloose

No well-meaning 2011 remake will ever replace the true 1984 movie and original Ren McCormick, Kevin Bacon.  Sorry.

It was a very tough decision to narrow down the Top 3.  

3. Christmas Vacation

My absolute favorite Christmas movie, which I have watched religiously every December since about 1990.  Each year, the movie gets more and more hilarious as I catch on to the humour that I didn't quite pick up on when I was 7 and 12 and 16 and even 21.  Cousin Eddie, Aunt Bethany, Uncle Louis (DA BLESSSSANG), the yuppee next door neighbours, the crusty grandparents, Snot the Dog...priceless.
                                                     There are no words.

                                        Perpetually confused Aunt Bethany.

               Atrocious attire (like the hunter green dickie worn underneath a thin ivory sweater)

2.  Ferris Bueller's Day Off

I think the first half of this movie is the most hilarious ever.  I love the nitwit secretary Grace, who doesn't let Ed Rooney off the hook for a second about anything; Cameron answering the speakerphone, sick in bed; Ben Stein's monotone voice (Bueller...Bueller...Bueller...); Ferris playing 'cough sound' keys on the piano; the BS phone calls from Cameron and Ferris to Ed Rooney, covering their tracks.  

                                                Grace secretly rooting for Ferris.

vintage computer monitor
1.  Sixteen Candles

Finally my #1 pick, Sixteen Candles.  I adore this movie.  I watch it every time it is on TV, I own the VHS tape (it's vintage, remember) and the movie is as funny now as when I first watched it years and years ago.  Obviously Long Duk Dong (Grandpa: Dong? Dong? Where is my automobile?  Dong:  Auto.....mobeeele?????) and Farmer Ted steal the show with their one-liners and antics; however more hilarious moments include Ginny stumbling down the aisle after taking all those muscle relaxers before the wedding.....(after Samantha's mom announced to everyone that Ginny has her period); the Grandparents telling off Jake on the phone at 2am while crammed together in Samantha's bed; Carolyn's gratefulness towards her friends for cutting off her hair at Jake's wild party.  Cracks me up every time.  I will never tire of watching this classic!

                                         What's up, hot stuff?
Even the church organist gets involved

So there you have it.  I have to give honourable mentions to Dirty Dancing, Airplane, Plains Trains and Automobiles, When Harry Met Sally, Uncle Buck and Funny Farm

Have a great long weekend everyone!


  1. Hello:
    Perhaps we all yearn for those decades which immediately precede our own and which, for some reason or another, continue to fascinate. An interesting selection of films, many of which are new to us, and should, we feel, be investigated further.

    Happy weekend.

  2. Awesome movies. LOVE Beaches and Steel Magnolias! xo

  3. Hattatts - Most of these movies are comedies, I love to laugh! I would definitely recommend watching these!

    Debby - They are awesome!

  4. All of them great movies. I have to say my favorite from the 80's is The Breakfast Club.

  5. I grew up in the 80's and graduated from high school in 1985. I was in the thick of it! I loved "Sixteen Candles", "Fletch" and "Uncle Buck" the most out of your selection. Have you ever seen "Valley Girl" with Nicholas Cage? That is my all time favorite '80's movie. And it has some totally tubular music as well as some bitchin' fashion (I know I am a complete dork, but I couldn't resist). xo, A

  6. Annie - YES -- how could I forget The Breakfast Club?? My bad!!

    Adrienne - I MUST find that movie! Sounds t-o-t-a-l-l-y up my alley (now I am sounding like a Valley My husband jokes about wanting to see License to Drive again 23 years after he first saw it (with the two Coreys -- Haim and Feldman). Will have to try Netflix!

  7. Hilarious list! Wow, this takes me back. I haven't seen everything on the list but Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bueller's Day Off are classics!

  8. Louise - I agree! 1980s movies are much better than movies made today!

  9. Hi LR, fabulous list and I can't believe I haven't seen them all since this was my era. I watched Live Aid on tv with my girlfriends aged 13-14. We all had teased hair and some of us had spiral perms (not me, mine was crazy enough). Romy and Michelle is such a great late-addition. Flashdance and Dirty Dancing make me think of that time too. I'll put Christmas Vacation on my list as I love cheesy Christmas movies. My husband dreads December.


  10. Fiona - thanks for commenting! Oh the spiral perms...all of my sister's friends had them and I was so jealous because my hair was (and still is) fine and chance of the big permed hair for me, sadly enough. I love cheesy Christmas movies too!