Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Get Suited Up

I love the look of a good suit.  At 5'9" tall, I will likely go the custom-made route as I don't fit most average sizes (I have a longer torso, which makes for limited shopping choices), my arms are long and I favour a skirt just past knee-length.  Yes, custom-made it will be!  I love these inspiration looks:

                      Monique Lhullier, Spring 2011 Ready to Wear Collection
                     On the left, Princess Charlene of Monaco wearing Armani Prive
Photo Credit:  Pool/Getty Images Europe

            I've always loved the red Cassini suit Jackie wore while visiting Ottawa in 1961
                         One of Kate's early suits, love the length of the skirt
                                             Love the cut and colour
Photo Credit:  Getty Images
                                     Hands down, my favorite inspiration suit! 
 Photo Credit:  Jeff J Mitchell, Getty Images

And now for the what not to dos....

           The Princess Royal's "she's wearing coleslaw!" attire for the Royal Wedding 
                                       (Tim Gunn's zingers are brilliant) 

 Kim Richards' bejeweled pantsuit on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Speaking of pantsuits...the Queen of Pantsuits herself, Hillary Clinton:
                                  Remember this mango tango ensemble? 

Do you have a no-fail suit in your wardrobe?


  1. I don't wear suits, they are just too formal for me, it's very much my mum's look. Last week we went out, took off our coats and we had the same clothes on - she's 90 next month - I have to try harder not to dress like her!

  2. Yes, Princess Anne was out to lunch on that one.
    Sometimes I wonder if they own mirrors.
    I like the top suit and the green dotted suit wore by Princess Kate.

  3. Tabitha - How funny! You'll have to throw her a Royal party! lol Actually my Mom and I did that once too, showed up for a family dinner wearing very similar tops...I donated mine not long after! he he

    Annie - I read an article after the Royal Wedding (probably on Daily Mail), someone wrote that Princess Anne's outfit looked like old curtains from the downstairs loo!

  4. Love suits - have a wardrobe full of them. New ones, vintage ones from the 1950s and 60s, black ones, pale blue ones, rather a lot of them! But they are so elegant - and I tend to change them with unusual accessories or scarves which makes them unexpected. That Monique Lhullier white lace suit in the first image is fabulous: elegant but not stuffy.

    And, hmmm...the last ones...what can one say? At least the rest of us can learn from their mistakes!

  5. My favourite suit is one my dad bought me from RW & Co. It's a multi-colour boucle skirt and jacket. From a distance it looks mostly pink. I feel like Jackie O Barbie when I wear it.
    I love all of Kate's suits, the tailoring is always impeccable. Tailoring is key with suits. Enjoy having one custom made!

    ps, I hadn't heard the Tim Gunn coleslaw comment before! Cracked me up!

  6. I do not currently own a suit because I am also have a long torso and am 6'2". I don't need a suit, but I would like to have one. I think it's a good idea, I just have no idea where to begin looking.

  7. I do love a suit and like you i love the below the knee length pencil skirt - i dont wear a lot of suits - my work doesnt call for it - but i have a fabulous lanvin suit - that i have tailored twice already and love to death - sure you will see it in the not too distant future x


  8. The coleslaw and mango tango photos are hilarious LR. What were those gals thinking?
    I used to own a beautiful three piece suit when I was two sizes smaller!

  9. Blue Fruit - those vintage suits must be so delightful!

    Laura - Tailoring is definitely the key to a good suit, I'm looking forward to the custom fit!

    Adrienne - Same issue here, I haven't found any suitable options whatsoever, so custom it is!

    Fashion and Frank - Can't wait to see the Lanvin suit!

    Annie - I laugh every time I see those photos of the Princess Royal and Hillary ....apparently Hillary has pantsuits in every colour of the rainbow and neutrals! A closet full of them!

  10. I haven't worn a suit for 10 years since I left the corporate world and hope I never have to again! I love that first image. Could make a great wedding outfit for someone having a civil ceremony and who didn't want to go down the "long" route. That mango ensemble and Princess Anne's ensemble are hilarious. What in God's name.......?

  11. I need a suit too and I loved the ones you selected because I'm with you, a skirt just past the knee is good for me. As for Hillary, I so wish she'd give those pantsuits up but I don't think that's ever going to happen. Thanks for following my blog, can I follow yours through Google? I don't see the button. Anyway, I bookmarked it, I will be back! XO, Jill

  12. Okay, scratch the last part of my comment, the Google button loaded after all so I am your newest follower!

  13. Vanessa - I know! What were they thinking? lol I love the Lhullier suit too. Thanks for your comment!

    Jill - thanks! Oh Hillary will NEVER give up the pantsuits! hehe Actually Hillary did wear a nice outfit to Chelsea Clinton's wedding rehearsal dinner (the green dress), she looked fashionable!

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