Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
Even though the 5th season of Mad Men won't be airing until 2012, real life and TV ice queen January Jones has managed to keep herself in the news; first by announcing her pregnancy with a question mark for a baby daddy, to John Slattery coming to her defense after her former TV son Jared Gilmore (Bobby Draper) warned the new Bobby Draper about her.  Do you think Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper) and Marten Weiner (Glenn Bishop) have been told by their boss (Marten's dad, Matthew Weiner) to keep quiet after their 11 year old ex co-star said out loud what most people think of Jones?  Good luck casting the new Bobby!  (which will now be the 4th or 5th Bobby Draper since the series began...)                                  A rare photo of Betty Draper and the rest of the family smiling
As my Mad Men premiere party plans were put on hold for the time being and I anxiously await the fate of Don and Megan's engagement, Joan's baby, Betty's move to Rye and if Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce will survive without Lucky Strike and evil Lee Garner Jr.....or if these points will even be addressed this season (or ever); a new show premiering this fall has captured my attention, Pan AmHopefully it will be as authentic as Mad Men (I will undoubtedly be comparing the two series), and the uniforms and Christina Ricci alone should make it a hoot.


  1. I have to get up to speed on Mad Men as I have heard all good things from those who loved it.

  2. Annie - I love the series, I actually didn't start watching it (or know about it) until halfway through the second season. So I finished that and then I started from the beginning by renting Season 1, so I was caught up by the time Season 3 started. I would definitely rent the DVDs and watch them in order by seasons as there are lots of backstories. Enjoy!