Sunday, August 21, 2011

Things Can Only Get Better

Howard Jones definitely sang it best.  I am looking forward to autumn colours and an upcoming vacation to New York City this November with hubs. This summer has been fraught with adventures in babysitting (dealing with clients at work who are less mature than 9 year olds), my Grandpa's death, family drama and sometimes unbearable heat.

With those things combined, I was just not feeling it to drive two days to California and back for this year's vacation.  I had to listen to my gut instinct on this one.   So instead we allowed ourselves to book a vacation in our happy place, NYC.  I have always had a fascination with NYC (together with Prague, Rome, Paris, London and Santorini) and NYC has never disappointed.  I admit I have always wanted to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in person as well as the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center (....and attend a Rockette Christmas Spectacular show at Radio City Music Hall).  I watch the festivities on TV every November.   Now that our trip is booked, my mojo is starting to make a comeback and my frown is turning upside down. This will be our fourth trip in 5 years (honeymoon in June 2006, trips in January 2008, April 2010 and now November 2011).   Here's some photos from previous trips:

Isn't this man's outfit charming?

It was raining buckets the day we saw the Dave Letterman show.  Kyra Sedgwick and Al Franken were the guests that day, unfortunately no Kevin Bacon celeb spotting though.

Still love the bustle and energy of Times if people (tourists) would just learn how to walk single file on the sidewalks and not in a Hands Across America reenactment chain...

Macy's.  Still one of my favorites. 

Katz's Deli.  Biggest sandwiches ever (aside from Junior's).  Love the complimentary pickles.

Going to NYC means I must plan everything very strategically and budget-wise for the next 3 months. There are five musts on my list this time, besides the above childhood fantasies come true:

1. Experience Black Friday at Macy's, Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue.

2. If I survive that, stalk Jackie O's former apartment at 1040 Fifth Avenue.  Maybe I'll run into Ron Galella.

3. Run into Mario Batali (and probably his crocs) at Eataly.

Getty Images

4. Enjoy a steak dinner and a cosmopolitan at 21 Club.

Source:  wikipedia

5. Salivate over the scarves at the Hermes Boutique on Madison Avenue.

There is a sixth must as well....I'm in the market for a new bag from Dooney and Bourke. Something everyday classic.  I have my eye on this - this is the Dillen II Leather Janine Satchel.

Definitely magnificent.


  1. Hey girl! Cute blog! Following you.
    Ask Erena

  2. Hello:
    We have never visited to New York but it is something we really do dream of doing. As we are afraid of flying, we are saving the pennies to sail with Cunard which we are sure will be the trip of a lifetime.

    It sounds as if you will have your visit in November planned like a military campaign. Perhaps we shall need to do this too!!

  3. Ask Erena: thanks! :) I will check out your blog tonight!

    Hattatts: You really must go to NYC one day! There is something for everyone and we discover something new there every time we go. There's just something about the energy we love...ambition? confidence? excitement? And I am notorious for planning trips to a T! Can't waste a single minute!

  4. Sounds perfect. We went once after Thanksgiving and saw the Rockettes.. it was chilly but fun. I would love to go during the fall and take a carriage ride through central park when all the leaves are changing! xo

  5. LR it sounds like you have made so many wonderful plans for your November visit to NYC! I have been to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade (blogged about it last year) but never the tree lighting ..I visit Rockefeller Center later on. Be prepared for massive crowds, but I'm sure both event swill be so much fun for you! We began queueing up for the parade about three hours before it began but we had a nice time meeting all who were around us and having a "picnic breakfast" while we waited.
    NYC is so pretty at Christmas ,,the store windows have wonderful displays and 5th and 6th Ave have festive decorations.

  6. Debby - A carriage ride through Central Park would be divine!

    Pat - It's been on our to-do list for so long, so why not this year? :) I cannot wait to see both, thx for the tips!