Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stella and Dot Fall 2011 Collection

                                                     I love this model's hair!

Ever since Jillian Harris sported some Stella and Dot pieces on her season of The Bachelorette a few years ago, I've been a fan.  Sis started me off with my first Stella and Dot necklace as a Christmas present that year; I've continued to buy one or two pieces a year since.

I found the Fall 2011 Collection to be a bit of a mixed bag for my tastes; some pieces are more edgy and spiky than previous collections.  Stella and Dot appears to have discontinued some lovely pieces in the catalogue that I had planned on purchasing at some point (shame on me for spacing out purchases!)  Here's some pieces I do like from the new collection, mostly the vintage looks:
black and white plume brooch

chantilly lace cuff

isadora pearl bib

plume purple brooch

One item I love in the catalogue (which deserves a mention) are the Devi bangles.  I own the gold bangles and the silver bangles are on my Christmas/birthday wishlist.  I've hinted to Sis already.... 

The above jewelry and the rest of the Fall Collection can be found at Stella and Dot online.


  1. That lace cuff is stunning, someone here did one like that but it was an utter fortune.

    Are you at the closet purging too? Autumn makes me do more cleaning and clearing out than spring does. I love starting to change over my wardrobe at this time of year.

  2. I dig that cuff....I am a lover of cuffs.

    I have mixed feelings about S and D. I bought two bracelets and a ring at a party a couple years ago. One bracelet broke into a thousand pieces the third time I wore it - but they did replace it quickly and without question. I like the style of their lines, but I am little wary of the quality and I think the prices are sometimes exorbitant.

    That being said, I think your bangles are so darling, I bet you wear them all the time.

  3. Tabs - I am starting my purge tonight! I usually do the spring/fall purge but this year the spring purge never happened. My closet has been a dumping ground for things lately and I need to tidy it up and get rid of the crap!

    Adrienne - Isn't the cuff lovely? You're right, I do wear my bangles all the time! :) I agree with you, some pieces seem more fragile/cheaply made than others, so far I've had luck with my pieces. I have to be careful; I can't wear Lia Sophia rings, my fingers turn green after a month's wear and the metal just erodes. Sis bought me a funky Lia Sophia ring for my birthday and two months later I couldn't wear it anymore. I love their necklaces though!

  4. That lace cuff is really pretty. I've been hearing so much about Stella & Dot lately, I need to go check them out. I don't wear much jewellery and have never really shopped for it before, but I think I might change that this fall. I'm also planning a closet purge this weekend!