Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Old School Metronome and a Dream Piano

Wittner metronome

So I missed an item in my fall purchases post.  An old school metronome.  You know, the kind music teachers used at piano lessons way back when; where you can actually see the pendulum swinging back and forth....and when the metronome wound down, the annoying little bell would ding on every 5th or 6th tick (even when the metronome wasn't set to the 'bell' option)...which meant the metronome would be dying and I would have to play my songs slow practice drill style with that darn bell dinging for what seemed like forever.... before my piano teacher would finally wind up the metronome again and relieve me from my agony.

Now I plan to do the same with my piano students!  Hey, what you accept, you teach.  

                                                      My dream piano

A Steinway & Sons Concert Grand Model D piano.  So dramatic, so majestic.  My last piano teacher Mrs. L had this prized piano in her living room; actually the living room was built to accommodate the piano, surrounded by mirrored walls.  Mrs. L went to New York, picked out the piano, had it shipped to Canada (probably for a small fortune) and it has since become the envy of her colleagues, students and former students (myself included).  Mrs. L had two more baby grand pianos sitting side by side in her basement studio (not Steinways of course but acceptable [cheaper] brands suitable for teaching and lessons) and another baby grand piano at her cottage.  

I was privileged to be able to play on the Steinway a few times during the three years I took lessons from Mrs. L.  She said that once when famed Canadian pianist Angela Hewitt came to give a concert in our city, Ms Hewitt actually practiced her repertoire at Mrs. L's house that afternoon on the Steinway, as she favored it over the lowly Yamaha that was all nicely set up for her at the concert hall.  Standards must be well maintained. 


  1. I would love to learn to play the piano, I had a few lessons when I was young, then we moved, got rid of the piano an amy parents still sent me of lessons - piano less! That didn't last long, I find metronomes very comforting.

  2. hello:
    Well, we are certainly no piano players but we should love a Steinway in the Drawing Room. We did offer to house our Swedish friend's Steinway when he recently left Budapest for a period of Music teaching in Sweden. Sadly, however,another piano sitter was found but keeping a piano in good condition in a hot and cold climate such as that in Central Europe is no easy matter we understand.

  3. Tabitha - Too funny! It's a little hard to advance with nothing to practice on! hehe

    Hattatts - Too bad the piano-sitting didn't work out, that would have been wonderful! Steinway pianos are glorious.

  4. I wish I stuck w/ piano lessons!! xo

  5. Honestly, every time I see one of those old metronomes, I get a little nervous. When I was a kid, I feared my piano teacher and her metronome in that order. (I studied piano for 10 years and my teacher's metronome was the exact same one as you posted above.) I would love to have a Steinway grand piano!

  6. Debby - Learn a song by ear! :)

    Louise - LOL I totally know how you feel! Hopefully my students won't fear it!