Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crystal Visions

Photo Credit:  Richard Young/Rex Features
"I have kept journals for years and I write in them every day.  I’ve been asked to make them available and to do poetry books and an autobiography, but I’m not there yet."  Q & A with Stevie Nicks, August 19, 2011. 


I would be the first to read Stevie Nicks' autobiography if she ever came out with one.  Stevie Nicks comes from a revered '70s classic rock generation and keeps company with those whom Sheryl Crow, Lindsay Lohan and others envy.  She has had no shortage of lovers, it has been said that her greatest love was not Lindsey Buckingham, Don Henley, Jimmy Iovine, Prince or Rupert Hine, but actually Joe Walsh of The Eagles....so I wonder how many songs were written about Joe, besides Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You.  There were certainly enough written about Lindsey, probably there are more gems waiting in Stevie's poetry vault and tear-stained journals from 1979.  These days, Stevie's new album, In Your Dreams, is a great collaboration with Dave Stewart, and Lindsey appears on the album in a duet with Stevie.

My sister introduced me to Stevie's songs when I was 16, I've been a faithful follower ever since (my top 6 fave songs include Sara, Edge of Seventeen, Stand Back, How Still My Love, Gypsy and Rooms on Fire).  I've always admired Stevie's ethereal gypsy uniform: the fitted jackets, flowing skirts and dresses, 5 inch heel (or taller) boots, the vastly large collection of scarves and shawls (shawls are recognizable by song names -- yes there are two known Stand Back shawls), the crescent moon necklaces, the gloves, top hats and berets, her microphone and tambourine adorned with chiffon, ribbon and crystals.... 

Aside from changing hairstyles and weight fluctuations, she has always remained true to her original vision.  Sis and I like to reminisce about the marathon driving trip to Calgary in 2004 to see Fleetwood Mac; staying awake for 29 hours, the drive started off with blistering hot weather, then we spotted what appeared to be tornado clouds, then we drove through a flash rainstorm...once that was over and with the pedal to the metal, we gunned it the rest of the way there in an effort to make it to the city in 8 hours...unfortunately we had to stare at a wet decapitated bird which somehow got stuck in the windshield wiper (which poor Sis had to remove later)....only to arrive to a very cold July day in Calgary, only 7 degrees above Celsius.  To this day the concert remains as one of the top 4 best concerts I have had the pleasure of attending (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers take top spot, Stones third and Police fourth) ..... and to hear Stevie switch up the usual FM setlist and sing Sara live for the first time in 14 years (a moment that stole the show) was the icing on the cake for me.  

And if Christine McVie ever agrees to do a One Night Only concert with Fleetwood Mac just as the Gibb brothers did back in the late 1990s, I would make the same effort to do it all over again.

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  1. Oh I love her, do you remember how utterly beautiful and elfin faced she was when she was young? I play Edge of Seventeen and Gypsy all the time.
    I also love Tom Petty, I really liked his last album - Mojo, and The Police just take me back to 6th year at school. Ah, life was so simple back then.

  2. LOL I agree. Elfin faced...haha ....Tom Petty and the boys were absolutely brilliant when hubs and I saw them 3 years ago. Tom was touring just because and played mostly all hits and no filler. The only thing that would have made that concert totally perfect was if Stevie would have sang back up to Don't Come Around Here No More...apparently she came up with the song title initially, Dave Stewart heard it and ran with it. Hey, another Dave Stewart connection there!

  3. I will never tire of her songs. Love her! xo

  4. Stevie's music is enduring and I'd also love to read her autobiography.

    I'd have to say U2 gave my favorite concert performance of all time. Bono is electric!

  5. Pat - I wish I would have seen U2 in concert on their All That You Can't Leave Behind tour (2000-2001)...I have the DVD from that tour and it is incredible (and they performed my fav songs on that tour!) It must have been incredible to see them live!